Wall Clock for Classroom

The wall clock “EasyRead Time Teacher Mini Classroom Clock” dial 29 cm, has attracted a lot of customers because of its elegant design, and while the sleek design is definitely eye-catching.

It is certainly more in it that as many useful and practical features have already been increasing its functionality and versatility.

EasyRead Time Teacher built a brand to manufacture good quality products.

Find what is more to love regarding the product by reading the link below. You will learn everything that is advantageous to have the product.

Details and descriptions wall clock “EasyRead Time Teacher Classroom Mini Clock” dial 29 cm:


  • Clock designed by award winning designer Roger Shackleton for kids who want to have at home the same wall clock as that used in school.
  • time teaching 3 step system of great simplicity that really works. Children can read the time when they can recognize the numbers.
  • easily readable dial with a similar appearance to that of an analog clock, but with much more information.
  • A version smaller than our professional clock for classroom that is made for schools.
  • Housing of high quality and great clock completely silent mechanism


Our “Mini-Classroom” clock allows you to have exactly the same educational system time as that used in schools, but in a more appropriate size for use in a child’s room. The dial of great clarity give children all the information they need.


Last are the testimonials and reviews online. They are the most effective proof the product does what it should and really offer, and it is clear from the experience of people who have purchased and used the product.

Many customers who have reviewed the product offered positive comments. Almost all of them boast how the product is, you’ll certainly be tempted to buy one.

The product is not only designed to offer comfort to the users. Most of the criticisms made about about the product are positive.

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