Bathroom Towel Racks

A perfect accompaniment to the towel rack in every bathroom. In any style is decorated the bathroom and any surface you have the space to place a towel rack is forever. There is no bath linens; There is no bedding that is not placed, arranged, exposed on a comfortable and pleasant towel.

The towel rack is an extremely practical complement, but at the same time equipped with an aesthetic component that can be exploited to the maximum to enrich, decorate, define the style of our bathroom.

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We begin to see three models of success, which is fundamentally characterized by the structural component: one wall, one by land, one from the radiator; to choose from depending on the requirements of space and its stylistic tastes.

Elegant and high quality the Model Leopold Tatkraft.

It is a wall towel rack, rustproof steel, with twin-knob for attachment to the wall three linen brackets. A very stable model, strong and durable with a load capacity of approximately 8 kg. It is easy to install: no need for screws, nails, holes in the wall.

The complement is equipped with a hermetic locking system which makes it perfectly adherent and stable on any smooth surface. A towel rack very fine and equally practical. Perfect in any bathroom, furnished both in classic style in a modern style.

It takes up more space, but it is equally functional on Graphito Model 20972 of Kela.

It is a towel off the ground characterized by a very sleek and very modern. It is featuring a circular base, a long metal foot which reaches 92 cm and three linen brackets.

The structure is repainted in matt black finishes are chrome-plated metal. A towel rack well cared for in every detail. Practical, stable and composed of materials which ensure durability in time.

This model can be combined with other accessories from the same series: paper holder, paper holder, toilet brush holder. A set can embellish every bathroom furnished in modern style, facing a very little cost. A great deal.

Among the towel radiators from the most successful, it should be mentioned the Model Handy VIP MB.

An extremely practical model and simple installation. The proposed MB comprises two hangers from the radiator, made of resin resistant to high temperatures, of white color.

Each complement is composed of two parts: the front in the shape of “V” which facilitates the accommodation of the laundry in use; the one behind, hook-shaped, with a spring, which is fastened directly to the radiator (both in vertical column, horizontal).

A very interesting proposal in terms of convenience, and economic. Excellent quality / price ratio.

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