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The flag of the United States was first mentioned in 1777. Its author was probably Congressman Francis Hopkinson, who was inspired by the flag of the Sons of Liberty – a group of activists protesting against the introduction of English customs in the American colonies. The thirteen stripes should symbolize the first colonies who participated in these struggles, originally with thirteen stars arranged in a circle. The current form of the flag, which was adopted in 1912, kept the thirteen stripes indicating the first member states. However, the number of stars increased with the accession of new members from 13 to 50. The last star was added in 1960, when Hawaii officially became part of the US.

Neighboring states

Flag Country Capital Population Total area
Canada Ottawa 35295770 9,970,610 km 2
Mexico Mexico City 119713203 1,958,200 km 2

Main information




Washington DC


317 706 000 (2014)

Total area

9,629,090 km 2


  1. 7. 1776

Highest point

Mount McKinley (6,194 m)


$ 51,704 (IMF, 2012)


US Dollar (USD)



Telephone prefix

+1 XXX

Internet domain


Member country

by continents

North America

By organizations



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