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Converse Shoe

The shoes made ​​by Converse are simply brilliant. Because these shoes are comfortable and suitable for every foot. It does not matter whether you have a small, large, a narrow or a wide foot.Because for each foot there are the right shoe. Chuck’s look with jeans … Continue reading

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Womens Light Jacket for Spring

A chic trench us and other biker jackets and trendy Teddy before moving to big jackets and winter coats! Our selection tends to € 25. Summer is well and truly behind us, and the light and sunny wardrobe to match. … Continue reading

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How to Take Care of Shoes

A nice pair of shoes should accompany us at different times of our lives. Depending on the occasion we will use the type of footwear useful for your situation. It is essential and must treat them regularly in order to keep them clean and comfortable, … Continue reading

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How to Care for Suede Shoes in Winter

Every woman has a pair of suede boots or boots that adores, but not bother to wear in winter. Suede is capricious fabric that looks very good, if properly care for her. Check out some tips on how to care … Continue reading

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Vintage Leather Leggings

They’re back! Something I would never wear? But! The 80s leather leggings are back in fashion! With the right combination, you can also avoid the hard rockers Bride Image-unless you legts important!

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Leather Jacket with Silver Fox Classic Fashion

More recently, the US, the word “skin” associated with smart long fur coat at a great price. Russians love to such clothing is understandable, and it is based on the natural climatic conditions in which we live. Today, leather fashion … Continue reading

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How to Enlarge a Pair of Shoes

Make shopping and purchase of sale shoes is a very fun and rewarding. However it can happen that you buy shoes that initially seem comfortable, while later shaking too. At this point, the risk is that of having made an unnecessary expense and having to put in … Continue reading

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How to Match Burgundy Shoes

The red color is a color returned to fashion in recent times. Thanks to chic air, gives an austere elegance to men and women. The shades include purple, ruby red and fuchsia. Wear it in winter is very fashion. Clothing not only affects pants, coats and dresses, accessories and makeup. How to … Continue reading

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The Leather leggings

Leather leggings The genuine leather leggings is the rarest form of leggings out there. The reason for this is, among other things their relatively high price compared with the other variants of the leggings, especially the direct counterpart, the leggings in … Continue reading

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Fur Jacket With Fox-trend of The Season

Fur trim winter clothes for women has always valued highly, especially in Russia. This is due to the harsh winter in great extent. In the upcoming season, have become very popular with Fox Fur jackets women. They combine perfectly with … Continue reading

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How to Wear Beige Sandals

If you follow the trends of the fashion world, you probably need to know about Mast-HEV things that are necessary to be in the wardrobe of a woman. For several seasons category Mast-HEV input beige sandals with high heels. Their … Continue reading

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3.12 Leather Leggings

I never would have thought that a leather leggings-or a (fake) leather pants-would become a fashion must-have. I held her always to combine for difficult to offensive and a bit too sexy for me.

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Pregnancy in Style

During pregnancy, maintain a good style is not exactly the easiest exercise. The body is almost unrecognizable, the abdominal always in the way, the bust mostly already. But it works! To inspire the pregnant women among you a little bit, we have … Continue reading

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How and Where to Store Shoes

If there’s one thing that makes the house untidy and unpleasant to the eye is to find the shoes scattered on the floor, pinned awkwardly behind curtains or at the foot of the bed. Because of unpleasant odors emanating the footwear, it is always … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Woman Leather Jacket

If you are rather small … If you are between 1.55 m and 1.65 m, bet on jackets with short cuts, which fall on the hips to mark your height. Longer models might pack down the figureF. > If, as a … Continue reading

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How to Maintain a Leather Jacket

Buying a leather jacket is an investment. But you certainly keep all your life long to care. Tips to maintain your leather jacket.

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Jimmy Choo Shoes For the Fall / Winter

While all you’re probably hanging out in the summer sales to the deal search of gold, but I despite the heat and the holidays to organize, beginning to peek through the winter collections in search of what will be my … Continue reading

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How to Wash Sports Shoes

More and more people are wearing sports shoes for everyday use, both for convenience and for their characteristic ability to keep them always spotlessly clean and new. Contrary to traditional leather shoes or sports shoes, leather can be safely washed without damaging them. AMA is most advisable … Continue reading

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How to Wear a Small Jacket

After last winter, we arrange the heavy coats in the closet and pulled out pretty stylish overcoat. Reviewing models to seriously consider, from 24 €. When the coldest days are behind us, it has only one desire, to spend time … Continue reading

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How to Combine Leather Leggings

I love the winter, alone. If only because the thick winter clothes knitting sweater, woolen coats and thick scarves are purchased regularly. But not only they are one of my must-haves, and leather I wear in winter very much. Starting with my leather jacket from Topshop, which I love so much, … Continue reading

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