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Hardly a garment is as diverse as the snowboard jacket. So for freestylers who are on the street. Look, just something, as for riders who put on technical features and functional materials value. The different styles and features of the manufacturer, as Burton and Co, you have a huge selection to find your right one for you Jacket.

Starting with the idea for the right look at the Apres Ski, to increased water column for backcountry adventure, there are many features. Therefore it is important to know where you see the main application of your snowboard jacket. Are you before strenuous, sweaty climbs, a high of jacket with integrated ventilation system breathability is advisable. Is it then in powder down the slope, intercept snow and high water column are essential to prevent the ingress of snow and moisture.

To ease the selection, we will tell you the most important features in the table below in detail. So you keep track and also catch the most casual, matching men’s snowboard jacket!


Snowboard jackets for men for snowboarding and skiing


Mainly for fast spins in the park, it is advantageous if the cut a little looser fails. So you have the necessary freedom of movement and comfort. However, you should not unnecessarily hamper the loose-fitting clothing. For large jumps, where you have to build a lot of speed in the directions, is due to the lower air resistance waisted fit better. Also for freeriding, a fitting regular fit is recommended by Wholesaleably. So the snow has less of a target and you stay dry longer.

Water column and tightness:

This indicates how waterproof your jacket is. The higher the value, the more waterproof the fabric is. Penetrate from outside moisture and water inside. At a sufficiently high column of water you should look for when you contact with snow in kommst.Das is much the case with powdering or if you’re unsure the slopes in snow and rain. In addition, glued and welded seams are important to prevent the critical interface, the ingress of water and snow.


This indicates how many grams of water vapor to escape per square meter in 24 hours by fabric. This is important so that you stay dry under the jacket. Did you backcountry example strenuous climbs before you, we recommend a jacket with high breathability. Examples of such materials are breathable GORE-TEX® and Sympatex.

Ventilation System:

This system is used as an additive for the breathability. Do you get a lot of sun from, because you’re just not hit by dense forest slopes, this system is practical. Zips, mostly in the underarm, back and torso area, located channels can be opened, which provide for temperature compensation. So you stay cool and dry during highly aerobic activities!


Bad weather drivers or riders who kicking up a Powder should resort to snowwear hooded. So nothing falls back and you stay dry. Many hoods are also helmet-compatible for the perfect fit.

Snow guard:

The snow gaiter is especially recommended for freeriders and backcountry riding. It prevents snow pushes from below with the snowboarders. Especially in new and deep snow rides this is advantageous. Many jackets also offer a system Jacket2Pants to connect this with the pants. Snow so has no chance to get in under your clothing, even in extreme steep slopes and turns.


Depending on whether you are going with or without a backpack, you need more or less space for your additional equipment. The Park & Pipe and the Freestyle, a backpack is often debilitating. Especially in this riding style you should pay attention to the size and number of pockets for your equipment. For convenience, we also recommend an extra pocket for the ski pass and ski goggles look for.

Depending on the manufacturer, such as Burton and The North Face, different feedings and systems are available. So you can choose between down, merino wool and artificially produced insulating materials choose as Primaloft. In addition, some jackets can be equipped with inner west. These consist of fabric or other comfortable materials for the best comfortable feel. Depending on the temperature or heat, can remove or reinsert you the inner vest.

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