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How to Match a Tie and Shirt

Some people believe that you should choose your suit or jacket first and match your tie and shirt for the costume, while others-such as Our site-think you should take your tie to first, and then select the shirt and suit … Continue reading

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Best Shirt Maker Paris

When the shirt more than the product… I better know where I’m going with a title like me. Rest assured, this is the case. What I want to talk about today, apart from a brand that deserves to be better known, is … Continue reading

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How to Associate Colors with the Shirt

For starters, forget the principle of combination of three colours : too limiting, this rule will not help you dress you well. The technique of the layers of progressive colors that comes just to be cited is a good way to start, … Continue reading

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The Simple Knot Tie

The single node is the classic of tie knots. It is by far the most used because it is simple to do and it agrees with most ties and almost every shirt collars. It is perfect for men of medium or large.

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Maternity Clothes Sites

This isn’t because we are pregnant that we will forget about the fashion for 9 months! Fashion and comfortable, chic or cool, rock or preppy, this is sites that combine fashion and pregnancy.

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Shirt Brand by Amaury

The shirt and the man is a long and beautiful history. Hard to miss in his wardrobe when developing her outfits. Yet between low-cost brands and poor, those offering goods and badly cut that does not correspond to our physiques, those that … Continue reading

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How to Choose The Right Blouse

How to choose his shirt, her blouse? This is the question to ask before purchasing. What price must be put to a nice shirt woman ? What subjects to choose? The choice is so vast that it is often difficult to choose her blouse.

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How to Wear a Blue Shirt

If the white shirt has attributes of elegance that no one can question if his class is none, the blue shirt has many points in its favor also: this is the most colorful credible alternative. Except for social gatherings and funerals, blue shirt … Continue reading

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Leggings and Skinny Jeans

5 ways to wear leggings and Skinny Jeans, leggings and skinny jeans have become very popular, and stores like Newport News and Gap.com transport in different colors, designs and materials. You can Bag Louis Vuitton have picked up a pair and now wonder … Continue reading

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How to Wear Leggings and Leg Warmers

Even before we start, we must be clear about this-leggings are not pants, do not treat them like a pair of pants. They can look very chic, but only if you pair them up right. The best way to wear them … Continue reading

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How to Wear Jeggings 2016

Styled like jeans, comfortable as tights, it’s the perfect mix! And, icing on the cake, it adapts to all body types. Our advice to do it with style. It’s all the rage in England and adopted it even stars like Victoria Beckham!The jegging comfort … Continue reading

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Olivia Palermo Chic leggings

Photogenic trendsetters, socialites of the moment, is known for knowing create looks super sophisticated simplicity. Made famous by the reality show  The City, Olivia Palermo is a young New York socialite elite. Often photographed in the West Village embraced her boyfriend, model Johannes Huebl, is famous … Continue reading

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Fashion Gifts for Christmas

If you are looking for gift ideas super glam, UnaDonna gives you some advice on brands and trendy items for your shopping list without fail and low prices! Christmas is almost upon us and we have to start thinking about … Continue reading

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Different Types of Tights

The tights without foot became so trend lately it comes. Then, rather legging, tregging or jeggings? You get lost? You are given so a little help to find and know how to wear them. It all started with the 90 … Continue reading

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What Color Tie with Blue Shirt and Gray Suit

Tie – is the final image of male chast. No this is a special accessory, not to look ridiculous, you need to know some of the rules for selection of a tie to look harmonious. How to Choose a Tie … Continue reading

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Tips for Ironing Men’s Shirts

On the blog My Shirt Man is not the first time that we will deal with the thorny issue of ironing . Indeed, for a time, it’s Mom that back this heavy task to iron your shirts. Then, if you’re lucky, it’s Mrs. will take over … Continue reading

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Sports Bra Without Distorting Bust

Women can damage the bust if you wear a bra inappropriate, say British scientists. Team of experts in biomechanics of the breast from the University of Portsmouth found that inadequate support can lead to stretching the fragile links in the … Continue reading

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Rhinestones On Your Shirt

Rhinestones are shiny small glass stones in different colors. These are arranged according to your wishes in a certain pattern to the desired fabric and then pressed by our heat press at nearly 200 ° C on the T-shirt. These special Rhinestones have … Continue reading

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Cardigans: Ideal Companion For Winter Holidays

Many German start soon again in the winter holidays. but Packing the suitcase for the trip is not easy. The thick ski equipment is so voluminous that little room for cozy fashion remains. We say: Take the remaining space for practical sweaters!

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Blue Jeans White Shirt

Hey my friends, I can not mention often enough, but I’m working on a mall driving me soon to ruin! As we moved with our company and it said: Yes, we draw on a shopping street was my joy huge. But now … Continue reading

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How Should a Men’s Dress Shirt Fit

It is no secret that more and more men pay extremely close attention to their appearance. Whether working in the office or having fun with friends, the man must have its own style of dress. The style is built with … Continue reading

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Regatta Polo Shirt

CO Summer is coming, and this time is interesting you wear light clothing and to help freshen up the body. The shirts regattas are perfect for this season. They are already the face of the summer. After all, we live in a tropical country where … Continue reading

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