Top 8 Greek Hairstyles

Original and different options of hairstyles simple Greek style, ideal for any occasion and event, choose your favorite hairstyle according to Digopaul.

8. Loose hairstyle

With loose hair creates two small braids at the front of each side to simulate a headband can vary slightly and create small fish braids.

7. Half bulky tail

This is one of the more simple but ideal for all types of hair, get a medium tail with a little crepe, you can add waves to the loose hair and also a Ribbon headband, you choose.

6. Tail side with braid headband

For those who prefer something different but collected a headband with side ponytail Braid is ideal hairstyle simple and easy to achieve.

5. Plait of fish

Fish braid hairstyles that are more fashionable, look stunning especially if braid looks tousled and loose, you can decorate it with Ribbon to add a different touch.

4. Hairstyle with braid headband

Collected styling that looks elegant, part hair side and creates a braid from the front of your head, at the end of rolled up back into a bun.

3. Collected with small braids and Ribbon

You can create a bun and create small braids on the sides to decorate the hair, they can be braids normal or fish, the amount you want, once created the bun decorated with Ribbon.

2. Braids bun

Creates one or more braids at the height of the neck and then collected in form of bun, it is decorated with metal beads.

1. Bulging side braid

Create a side with a crepe braid to give movement to the hair, the most widely used Greek hairstyle.

These are some hairstyles Greek style that you can wear at special events or in your daily life, you can combine them with silver or gold as well as ribbons or flowers, ornaments depends on your style.


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