Recreational Sports Glasses

Whether on the beach, in the street cafe or while walking through the city – recreational goggles protect the eyes from glare and harmful rays and completely by the way even a vintage, stylish accessory from INTERNETAGES!

What distinguish leisure glasses?

In the section of leisure glasses see glasses models for use in everyday life. In contrast to sports glasses, the fashionable aspect to the fore plays for leisure glasses. Some glasses models can are not uniquely classify, because they have sometimes functional characteristics of sports glasses, such as rubber temple tips or an adjustable nose bridge, these models you will find leisure glasses section as well as in the category of sports glasses.

The categories

As with all our glasses, we give always the category of glasses also at leisure glasses. This will help you in deciding what glasses for you is right!

Eyeglass lenses are divided into the following categories:

Category 0: 80 – 100% light transmission

Category 1: 43 – 80% light transmission

Category 2: 18 – 43% light transmission

Category 3: 8-18% light transmission

Category 4: 3-8% light transmission (not road ready!)

All our models of glasses offer 100% UV protection.

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