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Where to Buy Comfy Leggings

Did you know that there are leggings for several hundred years? Originally, the tight-fitting garments were worn by men.They were at first mostly made of leather, before they were over time from materials such as cotton, produced. Today leggings are worn mainly … Continue reading

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Radiator for Bathroom

The radiator is the result of innovation and technology that over time have managed to improve the aesthetic appearance of traditional radiators and heaters. In fact, an element of the same time responds to a need functional radiator (heating) and an aesthetic (make it agreeable … Continue reading

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Denim Jackets In Style Fall 2014

Back to school 2014 is well and truly arrived. The heat of summer fade gradually and leave room for fall colors darker. The opportunity to change shape s to shine in the first months of the new year. Modissimo offers you today a selection of … Continue reading

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How to Match Gold Shoes

If to look fashionable and well on special occasions, we must match the shoes with a dress properly, it is important to get it right is to have a look distinctly that a certain style. However, for fashion choosing the right shoes can be difficult, even if … Continue reading

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Verner Panton Lighting Designer

Today we introduce you to the design place blog once again an outstanding protagonist of the lighting design before: Verner Panton. The Danish architect and designer crafted not only some of the most popular lamps of our time, with its trendy … Continue reading

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Apple Watch is Approaching and More Strict Competition Begins

Only three weeks left until the time where in the Czech Republic officially begin selling Apple Watch smart watches. However competition is not sleeping and trying to innovate as it can. While computer manufacturers sniffed the possibilities offered by the … Continue reading

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Gold and Silver Chain Necklace

Faced with all existing mesh models for making strings used for both bracelets, necklaces and anklets, it is normal to feel a little lost when doing a search for a purchase on the web. For you there, we offer this … Continue reading

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Choosing Dresses for Your Body Shape

After one or more years of running, studying, anyway, comes the big graduation day. The day of stay beautiful and tear down in the midst of so many people. Men have no great difficulties, dress with the classic suit. But, these women have … Continue reading

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Furniture and Lighting Design

Mater-in German, Mother-. Stands for exclusive furniture and lighting design, the social, environmental and ethical responsibility arises design, craftsmanship and ethics are the key words that the philosophy determine the Danish design brand. The interplay of these three units arise charming, sensual and durable … Continue reading

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Fossil Q Founder with Android Wear

Presented a few weeks ago, today we offer our in-depth preview of Fossil Q Founder. Unfortunately we cannot define what you see a true review as we used too little smartwatch to have a clear idea of the battery. However, it should … Continue reading

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Vintage Leather Leggings

They’re back! Something I would never wear? But! The 80s leather leggings are back in fashion! With the right combination, you can also avoid the hard rockers Bride Image-unless you legts important!

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Leather Jacket with Silver Fox Classic Fashion

More recently, the US, the word “skin” associated with smart long fur coat at a great price. Russians love to such clothing is understandable, and it is based on the natural climatic conditions in which we live. Today, leather fashion … Continue reading

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Classic Cardigan Tweed of Lana Grossa

Tweed is currently very “in”, but I wanted to knit something else than the usual Cardigans and plackets Sweaters with a round neck. Therefore, this very light and pleasantly warming Ladies sweater has no cuff but only a straight edge from … Continue reading

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Winter Parka Jackets

Model because of its length appreciated by women who prefer cold season it is possible to cover your feet. Filling Parks-duck down-and knee-length provide heating of its owner. Parks with removable Hood fur collars regulated on both sides. The adjustable strap … Continue reading

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The Leather leggings

Leather leggings The genuine leather leggings is the rarest form of leggings out there. The reason for this is, among other things their relatively high price compared with the other variants of the leggings, especially the direct counterpart, the leggings in … Continue reading

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Things That May Be in Every Ladies Handbag

For men, the handbag her friend is often an unfathomable mystery. Not infrequently one sees sunk women with his head in his pocket, looking for the key or phone. But even if it seems confusing, there are just certain things that belong … Continue reading

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Scandinavian Design Lighting Fixtures

A dining room or to have a spacious dining area in the apartment is a luxury you should treat yourself. It is the place of retreat, the little rituals, come together to the friends and family. At the dinner table is not only fed … Continue reading

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Roco Verre Cubic Pendulum Wall Clock

Inspired by current trends, this new range of wall clocks from Roco Verre combines two styles; modern and retro style. In the center of the design there is the classic French style figures that are large enough for readability and are characterized by … Continue reading

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How to Choose Men’s Ties

A quality tie belongs to the Fashion Essentials every style-conscious man. Whether as a proven business accessory or as an elegant culmination of a chic evening outfits-the tie is guaranteed to always be in vogue and absolutely irreplaceable. Learn now, like real fashion connoisseur … Continue reading

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How to Wear a Small Jacket

After last winter, we arrange the heavy coats in the closet and pulled out pretty stylish overcoat. Reviewing models to seriously consider, from 24 €. When the coldest days are behind us, it has only one desire, to spend time … Continue reading

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Fashion Boots 2015

That same year in a row, the women of fashion designers are trying to offer more current trends. With a light touch of the world’s fashion designers, each new season a mixture of styles and colors. Presented by designers boots 2015 clearly … Continue reading

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Barbour Jacket Style Guide

Who does not know her? The iconic waxed jackets by Barbour are real classics, which belong in every wardrobe. The traditional British brand has been producing over a hundred years the highest quality outdoor wear for men and women, making it one of the most … Continue reading

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How to Match Derby Shoes

The shoes are now very trendy footwear for both men and women. They are extremely versatile, as they can be worn at formal occasions, from the most to least binding. These shoes, whose correct name is Derby, give the look refined and sophisticated look, but also very original. In this guide, so let’s see … Continue reading

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How to Wear Lace Up Shoes

Many fashion houses, over the past winter and spring launches, they chose the lace- like “must have” of the moment. There are those referred to as “Oxford”, which are characterized by the seam underneath the upper and are graced with small holes, stitching … Continue reading

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Cada-Schmuck Jewelry Munich

As the young designer Carola Eckrodt first time in 1987 began to pull out of industrial parts and production waste wonderful jewelry creations, they had no idea that they would thus lay the foundation for an international jewelry career. Already the first … Continue reading

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