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Jeggings are Leggings?

KESK la jegging?? That’s trousers whose visual appearance is that the jeans, but mainly with the ultra comfort of leggings! Hence the name “jeggings”, which combines legging jeans &;

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Jeans Type Leggings

Most image advisors are not very fan of leggings. It is unclear why! However, it is very fashionable.Sometimes, we’re lost because our skinny jeans are stiff so what you want to wear a down close to the body. Only the jegging keeps us trend.

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Tally Weijl Skinny Jeggings

Look between the bon-ton and aggressive, the brand loved by young girls presents its must-have for next season. Atmospheres that evoke the traits pin up Greese those proposed for next spring-summer 2015 by Tally Weijl, the brand specializes in young clothing that last fall celebrated … Continue reading

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How to Choose Your Jeans

Bootcut, Skinny, Straight, High Waisted, Boyfriend… There are more than a dozen different cuts of jeans and as many possible choices. Yes, but in the middle of all these names, you may feel a little lost (e) s?…

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So This Style Treggings!

Who can best carry the different trouser models we looked at earlier today on the basis of body shape and style? And how to style treggings? Training trousers/ sweatshirt /Joggers – like trouser models that fit the body shape and image often … Continue reading

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Difference Between Leggings and Jeggings and Treggings

In the street, on the catwalks, in magazines and in your closets: they are everywhere! Tights, leggings and treggings bring to life your gams, whatever the season. Neutral or flashy, leather or opaque, fishnet or patterned, they add a touch of madness … Continue reading

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How to Wear the Dress Over Your Pants

The dress over jeans made a comeback. Me either, I wasn’t sure: this is the outfit I would have chosen in the early 2000s to play the fury with a Véronique Cloutier to bleacheepixie cut. And now it’s fashionable? It’s all over the street style? Well, Yes! Fashion is cyclical… After … Continue reading

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How to Wear Jeggings 2016

Styled like jeans, comfortable as tights, it’s the perfect mix! And, icing on the cake, it adapts to all body types. Our advice to do it with style. It’s all the rage in England and adopted it even stars like Victoria Beckham!The jegging comfort … Continue reading

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How to Properly Wear Jeggings

Jegging operating instructions? After the female boxers in the 1980s, the leggings during the year 2000, the jegging has emerged recently in the closets of the amateurs of new trends. Mi-slim mi-leggings pants is perfect to feel warm in being stylish during … Continue reading

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Plus Size Outfit Tips

Today I’ll show you a few outfits, collected from the current Manou Lenz collection, everything great about fashion sizes.

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Difference Between Jeggings and Skinny Jeans

In fashion, one often has the impression that some parts are similar and yet they do not have the same name. This is the case for example of jeggings and skinny jeans. They are very similar, we hardly see the difference and yet … Continue reading

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Leggings, Jeggings and Treggings

Yes so the legging, is the most well-known,’s done it. Regarding the tregging, it is the same thing but hotter, thicker and rarely cotton. It is trendy this winter leather or (half-tone). Seen on all the stars and all the … Continue reading

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Different Types of Tights

The tights without foot became so trend lately it comes. Then, rather legging, tregging or jeggings? You get lost? You are given so a little help to find and know how to wear them. It all started with the 90 … Continue reading

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Tezenis Lingerie Collection

Tezenis spring-summer 2014: a multicolor collection details glam rock. Jeggings, lingerie and animal mix featuring all the must-have of the season. The spring-summer collection Tezenis is characterized by a wide variety of colors, shapes and contrasts. The dominant colors are turquoise, yellow … Continue reading

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Where to Buy Comfy Leggings

Did you know that there are leggings for several hundred years? Originally, the tight-fitting garments were worn by men.They were at first mostly made of leather, before they were over time from materials such as cotton, produced. Today leggings are worn mainly … Continue reading

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Types of Leggings Styles

Leopard Leggings Was the Leopard Leggings since the early nineties an absolute fashion no go, it may be all the rage when visiting a club or a party today. The color palette covers within which leggings with leopard patterns are offered … Continue reading

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