Top 10 Eye Shadows

There are many ways to a perfect makeup and a product that should not be missing are the eye shadows since they help to our gaze. So the eye shadows are an excellent choice to have them and use them in our daily makeup.

10. Metal

These eye shadows help much to those who have eyes small already by the brilliant which are helping illuminate them and which look brighter. Do not hesitate to use them for special events or if they wish, use them sparingly for the day.

9. Glitter

Without a doubt, are my favorite eyes smile, only that at the time of applying them should be very careful since they tend to expand to all the eye. To remove the excess, we can only clean it with towels, wet wipes and ready, the finish is incredible and they are ideal to use when we go out at night.

8. Clear and Brown complexion.

An important factor to know what eye shadow can use our skin color as this may leave us all well but there is one best. The complexion can be used on the day colors such as pastels, rose, blue, green, while that morays terracotta, Brown, mink, blue and green.

7. Green or blue eyes.

Us is a mandatory rule but the eyeshadows that are recommended for you are the counter or a shade stronger than from your eye. For example, going very well Browns and golds or warm as the Orange, yellow and rose colors.

6. Brown eyes

The advantage is that we have all kinds of eye shadow, but to be able to highlight our eyes we use cold or neutral as the Greens, greys, blacks, colours King Blue and gold and champagne.

5. Homemade

If you want to make your own eye shadows but think that it is very complicated, it leaves aside those ideas and create your favorite colors. Only need TALC are aroma and hypoallergenic, coloring and hot water. Diluted in warm water, talc and coloring (depending on the intensity you want), you let it dry and ready.

4. Mousse

This type of eye shadow looks a lot like those that are creamy but the difference is that at the beginning they have a smooth texture for easy application but after drying fast but with an excellent fixation.

3. Matt

When you want to finish without gloss, matte eye shadows are ideal as intensify the look of a natural way in addition to colour cream, champagne or white serve perfectly as Illuminators using them below the eyebrows, and in the inner corner of the eye.

2. Basic colors

Today there are many colors of eye shadow but certainly there are colors that can not miss any woman and are: white or cream, black, coffee and grey. So if just these starting to use makeup or to experiment with, not hesitate to buy a palette with these colors.

1. Pencil

All the eye shadows that exist, this type of carry them is to me the most practical because there is the problem that are broken, do not occupy much space so you can wear it even in the smaller bag and retouch while passing the day.

Since you have chosen your favorite eye shadow, remember that you must put a base for eyes or first so that it stays in place all day and feel a sublime makeup.

These are some of the best options of eye shadows to have a full makeup according to the event for which we use them.

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