Eco Friendly Aluminum Water Bottles

Water is the most precious element of our daily diet, essential to hear us and keep fit, a true elixir of life. Drinking more than a litre of water each day is the best recipe for the well-being of the body and a fantastic source of youth. A healthy lifestyle and environmentally sustainable, i.e. beyond that of our body, is the starting point to live healthy and feel good. Not just physically: the true welfare is, in fact, also from peace of mind, the balance between body and mind. Even our conscience, therefore, must feel to the place, and it is for this reason that more and more people are choosing to drink tap water using a recyclable aluminum bottle SIGG, 100% Swiss made.

Water is the basic element of every living form. Our body is formed largely from the average water ranging from 50% to 75% in young children in the elderly. Our cells need water to regulate the flow of blood and body temperature, to transport nutrients and to remove toxins. That’s why you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. The water, the best drink to quench your thirst, zero calories, not just … water: contains minerals and trace elements that make it precious for our fabrics, for bones, for the production of hormones and enzymes, and blood. Are also salts to determine subtle differences in taste. But be careful, because a strong taste instead indicates the presence in water of other elements, such as waterbottlesshop, a chemical that can release into water plastic bottles not properly “locked”.
Water is not all equal 
The goal of all should be the healthiest lifestyle possible for our person and respectful as possible to the environment. Choose tap water definitely responds to this requirement. The distance between the source and the point of sale involves a transport that pollute, as well as pollute strongly both the production of the bottles-plastic container, their disposal. And, come to think of it, is really absurd the enormous daily water transport throughout Europe. The tap water to be potable is subject in all European countries to test much more stringent than those usually carried out on water sold in bottles. In Germany, in Austria and in Switzerland, for example, the ministries of health defines the water the “best food controlled by everyone” and the “safest way of drinking”. A study on consumer protection in Switzerland confirms that “bottled water quality is equal or even less than that of water from the tap.”

A bottle of quality that makes fashion 
There is a solution, choose an aluminum bottle. Producing it requires energy, but aluminum is a material extremely resistant and recyclable, too, so nothing is lost. And if the water is not all the same, even the bottles. It is important to look at their origin, i.e. how they are made and their quality, namely as “work” and just over 100 years SIGG, which produces bottles and flasks, can guarantee the ultimate in both. From a single piece of aluminum, seamless extrusion process is manufactured with a bottle. Aluminium can be recycled into other products poi without losing its outstanding properties of resistance and hygiene. In fact, liquids in contact with this material does not change the taste or absorb substances harmful to health. Even the energy sources used for the production of the bottles are renewable, as well as the means of transport chosen to transport them (especially the Swiss railways, which at 75% employ renewable energy). The goal is to reduce carbon emissions into the environment as much as possible and SIGG is at the forefront in this too.

Long life with misters
It has been calculated that each bottle SIGG, unlike non-refillable plastic ones, fills more than ten times. If we use every day for five years, then we would reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in the environment of at least 150 times with respect to “PET” non-rechargeable batteries. But the SIGG we can use them, as well as for water, also for other energy drinks, fruit juices, until those alcoholic (not more than 8°), which in the bottles SIGG does not alter nor taste nor as a composition. But the water is certainly the best drink: fill your SIGG and save a lot of money, gaining much in health and well-being. A conscious choice, ideal for children, who can choose from many funny drawings and cartoon favorites, bring the bottle at school or on the playground and learn, in joy, to respect the environment. And with their original design SIGG bottles, also displayed in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, is today a cult object, an accessory-friend who does fashion. And that is good. SIGG: 100% recyclable aluminum bottle, Swiss made, the best friend of the environment.

About SIGG
SIGG is the historic Swiss company that offers a rich collection of aluminum bottles, which worldwide are emerging as a “product” of the new generations, sensitive to one’s own health and Earth. Read, safe, durable, practical, fun and beautiful. Many original and creative designs that enhance the personality of those choosing a bottle for a friend. The SIGG bottle is more than just a container of liquid, bears witness to a “conscious choice” to the health of your body and the environment. Recyclable aluminum bottles SIGG respond perfectly to these two primary demands of today. The inner lining, indestructible and unalterable, 100% meets the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration: only the bottles with the brand SIGG Switzerland Ltd on the bottom are synonymous with safety. Since 2009 SIGG is a member of “1% For the Planet,” the world organization that certifies companies that devote the 1% of its turnover on projects that are fighting in favor of the environment.

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