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Essential Pregnancy Garment

This is a moment that I want to write about this because if I had known, I would have saved some money.

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How to Wear Maternity Pants

Last week, we told you about the part of the summer: the a maxi skirt. Decryption of the second part of the season: the fluid pants! 1 pants printed fluid carrot triangle want strawberry, €45 2. pants jersey blue cut loose Justine Mamalicious pregnancy, €44.95 … Continue reading

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3 Months of Pregnancy

3 Months of pregnancy … casually, it’s coming. And also this should already meet at the level of your belly that swells slightly. If some of you have not made a kilo (as the result of nausea), it is now that the real work begins. You … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Leggings

An American college prohibits students wearing the leggings. At least under certain conditions. Indeed, the latter will be tolerated only with its accessories (skirt, shorts, dress…) and not in the pants instead. The official reason: “the conduct of students must not become a distraction … Continue reading

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Outfits to Beat the Heat

We just passed the days warmer in recent months, says the TV and especially temperatures make us sweat !! To TG I heard that the fault is of a certain Scipio which initially reminded me only my years spent in the classroom … Continue reading

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How Not To Ruin In Maternity Clothes

Before even that baby arrives, many future moms already have many expenses related to their pregnancy, and more precisely to the body that change at the same rate as baby grows. However, it is not mandatory to dress in fashionable maternity … Continue reading

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Maternity Dressing Tips

Months pass and it must be obviously, you get more into your wardrobe! And I must admit one thing, pregnancy clothes can cost you dearly and may not serve you a long time. What are the tricks of moms for dress during … Continue reading

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Mango Collections

The Spanish brand has launched a new line inspired by the style navy: New Boat. Heads chic, elegant and at the same time sober. New line for the Spanish brand Mango for this spring-summer 2014 has created a new collection inspired by the style navy: the New … Continue reading

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Flared Jeans for Winter

It’s time to say goodbye to skinny? Featured User jeans are so seventies: bootcut cuts and wide leg. Welcome back flared jeans! The Fall / Winter 2014-2015 is the season of bell-bottom jeans. After years in which the skinny have been the main trend … Continue reading

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Cinnamon, Summer Elegance in 60’s Style

The sober and playful elegance of the sixties back to life in the summer collection 2015 of the brand Made in Italy. Look, wear the clothes of the summer collection 2015 Cinnamon and be transported to the nostalgic sixties is one. To speak the language … Continue reading

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Slimming Pants for Weight Loss

Slimming leggings Is the leggings like the others? not quite! The slimming leggings available in several versions, whether or slimming it really allow to lose centimeters and has all the physical attributes of a true legging. It’s a tight cloth trousers that … Continue reading

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Leggings and Skinny Jeans

5 ways to wear leggings and Skinny Jeans, leggings and skinny jeans have become very popular, and stores like Newport News and Gap.com transport in different colors, designs and materials. You can Bag Louis Vuitton have picked up a pair and now wonder … Continue reading

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Cheap High Waisted Treggings

To avoid the cries of frustration, I tell you IMMEDIATELY what a tregging: it’s a legging but less tight, more like a pair of pants. Except that waist and stretch in the fabric, so much more enjoyable to wear than pants.

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Little Legs Warm For The Winter

What is what is practical, colorful, fashionable and that will be very useful this winter? Leg warmers or baby legacy: an essential accessory for all babies.

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Types of Maternity Underwear

No panic, everything’s fine Slowly, you will return to your ideal weight (or not d elsewhere), you will reclaim this new body of mother. No question here to talk plans, others do it very well, but rather clothing. Hey Yes, … Continue reading

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Louis Vuitton Fall Winter Collection

A modern woman and with style. It is the great debut of Nicolas Ghesquière with Louis Vuitton last day of fashion week. It concludes the fashion week in Paris with the debut on the catwalk of  Nicolas Ghesquière with his first collection for Louis … Continue reading

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Fashion Tips Leather Pants

Elle McPherson Victoria Beckham, all have adopted the leather pants, Isabel Marant trend podium. But before you give in to temptation, Dr. mode gives you advice … to avoid the failures! After the wave of success of the 80s, the trousers of leather has had … Continue reading

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Ways to Keep Your Legs Warm

Have you noticed the gaiters and our long stockings in the shop? They are made in Canada and are available in black, navy blue, gray or burgundy and in two lengths, 16 or 24 inches. And here are some tips to match your favorite outfits! Let’s … Continue reading

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Sports Bra Without Distorting Bust

Women can damage the bust if you wear a bra inappropriate, say British scientists. Team of experts in biomechanics of the breast from the University of Portsmouth found that inadequate support can lead to stretching the fragile links in the … Continue reading

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How to Wear Ankle Boots Properly

How To Wear Ankle Boots Correctly With the onset of winter begins again the time of the closed, warm shoes. So also the time of ankle boots. But what exactly are these ankle boots? Ankle boots are shoes, in which the shaft … Continue reading

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Are We Crazy on Leggings?

Especially I rummage (again) the photo collection by and realize that I am being too my daughter had me fashion technically on vacation adapted as regards comfortable leg clothing. Keywords: Leggings! The little lady has a whole stack of them in the … Continue reading

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Leggings With 40-is That Possible?

That is already ne dubious love between the leggings and me. I have already determined x times claiming that I definitely never a’ll wear. And hey presto, I threw this statement to the winds. But I find leggings are absolutely comfortable clothing and … Continue reading

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All About The Leggings!

It’s nice that you’re here again. Today with me is all about the leggings , namely to this madness part leatherette. The absolute highlight is the biker look !Do you find it so beautiful?

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The Leather leggings

Leather leggings The genuine leather leggings is the rarest form of leggings out there. The reason for this is, among other things their relatively high price compared with the other variants of the leggings, especially the direct counterpart, the leggings in … Continue reading

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Women’s Flare Leg Dress Pants

Originated from 70s, flared pants are back to the fashion word now with more balanced and less exaggerated proportions. So it is a great option for those who want to be present, well dressed and discreet at work. In addition, the proportions … Continue reading

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How to Wear Loose High Waisted Cargo Pants

Now let’s talk about a trend that returned a little shy but gradually come to the shop windows: the high-waisted pants. Hated by many, loved by others, the fact is that she is back, and now you’re just giving her, good for … Continue reading

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