Party Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Steps easy to achieve a party makeup that will make you look beautiful and elegant. Party makeup will not only make you look spectacular in an event but will also help you go according to the occasion.

1. Wash your face

Before starting any type of makeup, especially party makeup is important to clean face. Why you should wash it with water and a little SOAP, to smooth it and remove the waste of skin.

2. Apply a serum

The serum is a product that helps to revitalize the skin, so that it is the first step of party makeup since that leaves your face more luminous and hydrated with common cleaning. This will help to you skin look healthy at the moment.

3. Moisturizing cream

To make the process of party makeup much more effective you must apply enough moisturizer in whole face accompanying a soft massage that will help activate blood circulation and thus the cream will be absorbed better.

4. Dark circles correccion

Party makeup is to be much more shocking, it applies the eyering corrector, this will decrease the traces of dark circles and will highlight you your eyes.

5. Makeup base

A key element in the makeup of party is based, so what you should do is get one of your skin tone and apply with a clean sponge, to cover your entire face. Try not to let excess of it.

6. Eye makeup

The eyes are the most essential part of the makeup of party, since they are the center of your face, but to achieve a party makeup lucidor, certainly you use tones golds since these make you look elegant and glamorous addition are tones very flattering for all face types.

7. Flush illuminator

The blush is another essential element of party makeup, however to look radiant is preferable to get a blushing Illuminator, to give more light to your face. So, apply it in the area of the forehead, Chin and high cheek bone. If you don’t have you can use a white shadow Pearly instead of powder. Finally blend with a brush so that the result is natural.

8. Lip

The lipstick or gloss is the end point of party makeup, it is the element that will make you look too sexy and striking. Use colors forts, such as reds, wines, or if you are more discreet a pink tone, eggplant or purple you will go very well.

These are some tips for party makeup lucidor and striking, especially at this time. But give us your opinion on the matter and tell us.


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