Everything You Need To Know About Ties

A tie is just a tie: Has no man ever said. At least not any man with just a bit of fashion sense and an interest in appearing presentable.

It has gradually dawned on me that it is a science to find the right tie. Should it be wide or narrow? Solid color or multicolored? Should it be adorned with stripes, squares, dots or nothing? If you are unsure about these things, please read this guide.

And when you have found the right tie, you also need to grapple with to tie the beautiful and right necktie knot choose the right tie pin and what not.

To get a bit of the large amount of doubt to the rescue, I have chosen internetages to write this guide to tie – such a completely general.

What is a wide tie?

Ties are as familiar in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes. First of all, we must distinguish between the broad tie and narrow tie. Traditionally, we use a wide tie to more upscale and important events.

For example. must attend a wedding, a fine reception or similar event, it might be a good idea with a broad tie.

But what about the narrow models when we use them?

What a narrow tie?

In nature you can also easily choose to wear a narrow tie to the above examples. Narrow tie, though, in my opinion, little more casual and fit, perhaps more to the young business type that has good speed on his career and would like to see a little smart – and with good reason.

The wide tie is maybe a bit more conservative than the narrow tie, which also helps to provide the narrow models a more youthful and fresh breath.

Learn the unwritten rules for the selection of ties

When choosing your tie, you must also consider the choice of color, and whether it may be patterned or not. If you are completely without a compass, there is fortunately a handful tommelfingerråd which I will share with you here.

Solid color tie  A solid color tie fits virtually all outfits. You can use both a monochrome tie with a patterned shirt, but you can certainly use it with a plain shirt – even a shirt in the same color as the tie.

Patterned ties  If you choose a patterned tie as your neighbor, you should be aware that it can work well with most outfits, but you must still tread carefully. If you choose for example. a striped tie, it looks hopeless with a checkered shirt and vice versa. However, you can use a striped tie with a plain or striped shirt, and similarly a checkered tie with a plain shirt or a checkered shirt.

These rules are of course only, and you decide in the end completely self and thank God for that. However, you must be careful that you are not going to combine too many mixed treats, as it can quickly get to see a little circus-like out.

Select an appropriate tie

After choosing the right tie, it’s time to consider whether you want to supplement with a tie pin. A tie pin is a small type of clamp, which holds the front and rear portions of the tie together. Tie clip apply approximately in the middle or a little above the center of the tie. I never even a tie, because it reminds me too much about half thick businessmen who use them to show which company they come from.

But is a tie then just a tie? Unfortunately no. Tie pins are available in almost as many variations as the very late release. They are available as large, small, narrow and wide. You get them in gold, silver, black and rainbow colored.

In other words, a lot to choose from – also in terms of price. You can, however luckily found some really neat and stylish stuffed animals for the one hundred crown in various Danish webshops gradually.

If you go up in the needle must be of a certain brand, you can however good risk having to get up to several hundred crowns for it.

Going to mess up in knots? Three different Necktie knots

Necktie knots is a science in itself, but fortunately you do not need a Ph.D. the tie to master the most basic ones.

There are a myriad of different necktie knots, and some fit very specific events, while others are more all-around. Below you can read more about three of the most common and popular necktie knots. For fast forward videos, for example. YouTube, which shows you how to tie different knots.

Four-in-hand necktie knots

Four-in-hand is one of the most easy to tie knots, and it fits virtually all outfits. The knot is relatively narrow and long, and therefore lends itself most to the shirts without too much spread on the collar.

Four-in-Hand Knot is typically slightly asymmetric, creating a fat look in my opinion. Tie also like Knot so you creates a dimple below the knot.

Windsor necktie knots

Windsor knot is a bit more conservative in its appearance, and lends itself very best for shirts where the collar is very spread or cut-away. This is because the Windsor-Knot in itself is very broad and have a triangular shape.

Additionally suitable Windsor knot is best with slightly narrower tie, and if you need to be detailed in your selection of necktie knots, it fits also for you, which has a slightly larger face as the knot itself is wide.

Pratt Shelby necktie knots

The third and last knot on the list is a Pratt Shelby- necktie knots. This knot is relatively small and narrow, and is therefore eminently shirts with button-down collar. However, it can also easily use more versatile for both regular collars and collars with very spread.

Drop a comment if you have not got the answer to your tie questions, or if you have good tips and tricks for selecting the tie, how to tie the best looking necktie knots  and the like.


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