Tips Buying Push up Bra

That we used when our cleavage is not naturally striking and neither goes through our minds the possibility of a facelift? A push-up Bra.

The vast majority of women have at least a bra push-up in the lingerie drawer and really love them.

What a push-up Bra?

A bra push up aims at pushing the breasts upwards (as its name implies), creating the illusion of a bust more filling, rounded and attractive under clothing.

Push-up-effect is achieved by small pads that are located in different parts of the Cup according to the model, for example, in the style balconette Bras, the pad is located at the bottom of the Cup; in the style plunge Bras, tops are on the sides. These pads push the bust upwards and the center of the chest, then creating the renowned effect push up.

In addition to find them located in different parts of the cup of the BRA, pads can be made of different materials, as for example foam, water or silicone (used these two latest materials to give a more natural look to the bust under clothing).

Some bras also have the option of removing the pads (placed in a hidden pocket in the Cup).

The other great part of these Bras support comes from the rings. The vast majority of the push-up Bras have metal or plastic rings built into the Cup, although you can find some models that based their support on a strong rubber band. The latter may be a little more difficult to find.

Tips for buying a bra push up

Before you buy your bra push up it is advisable to take into account some points.

The waist – like that in the purchase of any kind of support, to buy a bra push – up will have to make sure you know your exact size. A the wrong size bra can lead to completely contrary to expected results and will prove to be a headache. If you don’t know your waist you have two options: the first option is to attend a House of lingerie where you measured an expert quickly; the second option is to measure you yourself with the help of a tape measure. Know your bra size is fundamental, so don’t let this side step.

Style – within the model push – up there are several styles. You can also find push-up Demi Cup, balconette style, style plunge, etc. Research the different styles available taking into account the type of clothing that you will use on the BRA. For example, nothing will serve you a bra style plunge (dug cleavage) If you never use deep necklines.

Pads – what type of pads do you prefer? As already stated above, there are different types of pads, from the soft made in foam and lined in cotton (the most common and easy to find) to those made in silicone or gel, water (there are also some that can inflate!), which are a little more expensive and hard to find but that will give you a much more natural look.

Comfort – chosen once the style, the type of pads and waist, make it the ideal bra for you. Everything is comfort. Nothing will serve a bra that does make your bust look spectacular if you don’t feel comfortable in the. Go to the tester and prove it with time. It may seem a small waste of time but it is an absolutely essential point to make the purchase that you’ll actually be worth it.

Tips for caring for your bra push up

To enjoy a bra push up and its effects during most time it is important to know how to take care of it. Here you will find simple tips to pamper your bra.

Wash it carefully– perhaps with a little more emphasis than in the case of other types of support (although it is recommended that the case is in all cases), it is hand wash a bra push up. The reason is that in this type of bra pads can deform and easily damaged if they are placed inside the drum of the washing machine.

Use only warm water and a mild detergent to preserve the colour and material in perfect condition.

Dry it more carefully still – if you think about placing it in the dryer, let me tell you that it’s a bad idea. To both preserve the color of the bra and the appearance of the same as keep pads in impeccable condition, the best choice is natural drying. First that nothing be sure to drain the pads by placing the cups in your hands and pressing firmly until no more water (forget to twist the garment or arruinarás it). Then place the frame on a flat surface and away from the direct light of the Sun.

Save it with love – call me exaggerated but throwing the BRA in lingerie without the slightest collection drawer is almost the same that throw it away. As with the other models in Bra with armed cups, the cups of the BRA push – up must be maintained to maximize results for as long as possible.

To bend correctly, hold the BRA with the cups down, with each drink with one hand and turning so that a drink can get into the other. The straps and clasp are easily placed in the hollow of the cups. A monad!

Keep in mind these tips and enjoy your push – up!


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