Step by Step Eye Makeup

Many women do not know how makeup eyes properly, to be applied first and then, or just that way to apply it. So here are the steps to follow to obtain a step-by-step makeup for eyes .

1. Apply a base

Either makeup or eyering corrector, a way to match the skin tone, can be correctors in yellowish tones, if you only want to match the tone of skin, or green if you want to cover any imperfections.

2. Choose points of light for the eye

They can be white or Pearl, clear colors. Apply with a brush from the inside out, the inner part, above and eyelid.

3. Apply the eye shadow

It should be a darker by applying it with a brush in the eye socket when it is open, then to open it fades toward the Center gently and finally becomes the same thing out.

4. Apply another clearer shadow

Of in downtown in a soft way.

5. Lower the light points

With the brush applies clear shade inside and below the eyebrow to give more light.

6. Apply eyeliner

From the Center outward. It is even better if the liner is applied with a brush.

7. Apply mask for eyelashes

In a uniform manner and to fully cover 2 or 3 times if necessary.With this step by step eye makeup you can obtain a make-up, seductive and very youthful look.

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