Biodegradable Water Bottles Algae

Do you know how long it may take to decompose a plastic water bottle? About 1000 years. Do you know how many various bottles of water Americans drink in a single year? About 50 trillion.

Do not scared you? As it should, because unless we start to shoot our garbage to the Sun with giant cannons, soon we’ll be living in a big floating ball of garbage.

It paints pretty bad, but thanks to people like the Icelandic designer Ari Jónsson, we can perhaps avoid it if we become more eco-friendly. He has created a water bottle with a material called algae, derived from algae. It is 100% natural and biodegradable. It maintains its shape until it is empty and then starts to decompose.

ARI exhibited their project during the festival of this year in Reykjavik DesignMarch design. We hope that manufacturers think is using his brilliant invention. Or if not, perhaps we will end up as in the movie Wall-E, but worse.


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