Basic Makeup for Summer

Summer is here and surely your wardrobe have already prepared to receive it, and perhaps also you know what accessories will use and even how you’ll comb but perhaps not get thought of summer makeup.

We must take care of all the details and the makeup is no exception. If you do not know what are the summer makeup trends, here are a list of basic makeup for summer 8.

8. Bright lips

The basic shades for summer makeup are red, Orange and hot pink and you can even get them in matte version for a more powerful effect.

7. Bright eyes

Summer makeup tends to draw attention to the eyes, which is an excellent choice for a meeting in the afternoon, the colors that come are orange, pink, green and blue.

6. Electric eyeliner

If you are not of those using shadows, you can use eyeliner in electric colors, colors coming for summer makeup are blue, Orange and yellow.

5. Smoky eyes

Apparently smoky eyes never lose its charm which is why are a Basic for summer makeup, since they give intensity to the look.

4. Natural makeup

Natural makeup is a Basic for summer makeup since it reflects simplicity but still keeps an elegance line.

3. Defined eyebrows

Well-defined eyebrows are summer makeup trend, although we should not be so thick but not too thin.

2. Luminous skin

You can get to give brightness to your face so that you look radiant and is in tune with the season. Luminous skin is definitely a summer makeup basics.

1. Nail cake

Pastel nails go very well with this season, and basic colors for summer in terms of nail makeup are all pastel tones.

Here are some tips of Oman makeup from AbbreviationFinder to achieve original designs for nails in summer, mix designs, colors, ideas and combine them for any time of the year.


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