Tom Thumb Seven League Boots

This small tale, with a multitude of versions depending on the sources, be also tells us much about the symbolic meaning of footwear and the importance that in myths and legends have this garment. And it is not surprising, given that the shoes, in this case boots, show us not only the personality (or person) he wears them, as it happens with Cinderella, but that is also the magical object that enables knowledge, as we find on From the identification to the achievement of the search, footwear appears as a symbol in many fantastic stories.

The tale of Tom Thumb of Charles Perrault

The plot of this small be just measured a thumb, but that doesn’t mean to make it smart and bold, varies depending on the version, in such a way that you get to post more than 5, each different and its variants. In the collected by the Brothers Grimm, the magic boots, does not appear, although Tom Thumb also initiates an eye-opening trip that takes you to wealth.

This single garment is present in the version by Charles Perrault. The narrative says that the diminutive Tom Thumb was the youngest of a very poor family, consisting of parents and seven siblings. Parents leave twice (as it is perceptive in tales and stories initiation) to their children. The first time, the ingenious Tom Thumb is capable of returning to the parental home thanks to a special Ariadne’s thread: a series of stones, the mother, in an act of mercy, delivering the child.

But the second abandonment, to replace the stones with bread crumbs that are eaten by birds, takes place. The 7 Brothers get lost in a dark forest, archetypal symbolization of the location where is the separation and, therefore, the knowledge of one’s own home. There they encounter a family of OGRE 7 daughters and parents, which retain the boys.

The ogre who lost seven miles boots

And the idea is not to serve as dinner when necessary. Tom Thumb again it boasts of courage and cleverness, as when he found the way home. Thus, while the big monster (symbolizing the dark unconscious that traps human beings in the instinctive and destructive desires) manages to replace crowns of the daughters of the OGRE with the boys hats. With this act he manages to confuse the beast that devours its offspring mistaking it with Tom Thumb and his brothers. And this Act has such significance that it deserves a study separately. That in another place and another day.

Needless to say that anger is such that the OGRE pursues the protagonists with their boots of seven leagues. We continue with this issue considered to be magical and computer of the universe in different cultures. But, once again, Tom Thumb which is small but equipped with huge resources, manages to trick the monster, since it is able to steal the magical boots and flee with them.

The fact that could get into the King (Supreme destiny in different tales) comes to confirm the meaning of boots not only as the object that enables the adventure and with it the overcoming of tests that confirm the personal value, also tells us that personal achievements are only possible with boldness and courage.

Seven miles of Tom Thumb boots do not indicate the way, like ebizdir shoes, but are rather the ultimate prize. With them can be as high or further and to get things that you want to. In this case, out of poverty and neglect. Footwear, therefore, is the final object of the search, which allows you to reach all at Tom Thumb.

Why shoes like us so much: because it is in tales and legends as a Supreme reward.


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