How to Make Fly Fishing Bait

SOLEMNLY, I CONFESS that I need to dawn in the encounter of man with nature… that strange feeling the breeze and the sound of the waves… I miss less bouncing the Moon and receive Sun at the same time! Almost like a celestial painting of acidic tones… and the smell of sea, the intoxicating essence of the sea… ahh!, I yearn to breathe deeply and take a few moments to delight me with those all conjugated elements, so fleeting, wishing that the brief may be impossible… just eternal.

.. .in a fit of conscience also recall the mundane and material and turning towards my team… and sadden me of to build rods, passing the line by their guides and pull it by pulling on the spool, making it not drain from the pa drag’ which shine the cicada as cabal of many, immeasurable songs like that during the day… recall open fishing box escorted from the ritual of choosing the lure and devise the knots to apply, distinguish the right place, aim, balance the bejuco and give freedom to the line imprisoned until then on the spool until the launch and the first lure splashing the water that will do shudder the skin… Finally, and only until then, will know that I’m fishing… eternally with the only hope to achieve the unexpected… the fish of a lifetime… after fighting it enjoy it and release it, as a duty that prophesy us magnanimous fisheries and hoard large anecdotes to tell my children, countless stories that fill his prolific imagination…


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