How Should a Men’s Dress Shirt Fit

It is no secret that more and more men pay extremely close attention to their appearance. Whether working in the office or having fun with friends, the man must have its own style of dress. The style is built with quality clothing and refined taste in their selection.

The shirt is one of the most important attributes in a man’s wardrobe. To fit well into the overall style should be followed a few basic things.

Cut shirt

Shirts are sewn in three main variants: classical, waisted and strongly waisted. If you are a fan of traditionalism, choose simple classic style. It is most appropriate to wear a classic suit. Comfortable is an elegant, it will give a sophisticated appearance both in everyday life and in formal occasions. An important plus is that it will never have wet stains under the arms.

Today’s fashion dictates timeliness of the tailored shirts and poluvtaleni. They perfectly combine with slacks, jeans and highly tailored suits. Suitable for men with good physique as strong outline. Do you have even a little beer belly, better not wear this kind of shirt. Go mensshirtsshop website for mens casual shirts.

Fabric Shirt

Shirts are usually made of cotton or fabric with a high cotton content. This is very important because cotton fabric stay cool and the skin can breathe. The disadvantage is that the shirts from 100% cotton ironed harder and easier crease.


Single colored, striped or plaid – is a matter of personal taste. However, if you work in an office, you need to choose the monochrome versions or those with simple stripes. The box is suitable for sporty look. Consider choosing a color to your look. Surely some colors suit you more than others. If you combine shirt with a suit other than black, should more carefully to comply color combinations. Pay attention to what tie would suit the chosen pattern.

What to Observe When Buying a Shirt

Mandatory take your shirt! The sleeves should be of appropriate length so that the end of the cuff to reach 1.2 cm – 1.3 cm under the wrist. When wearing the jacket he must be submitted by the end.

Fasten shirt brim. You will know that your size is, if you can put your finger between the collar and your neck.

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