Top Rated Women’s Flats

They say that fashion covers everyone’s tastes and this is clear with the shoes, if you are one of the girls who like safe glamour are a faithful follower of heeled shoes, but if you prefer more comfort oxford shoes, sandals 2012 or the flats will be your best allies.

12. Grey Flats

If you like very feminine and neutral colors these grey flats are your best option, are comfortable and adjust to the shape of your foot, in addition to having a flower which gives it personality.

11. Flats with bow

If you’re women who like the combination of colors and textures of these flats with ankle strap are ideal for ti, besides being combinable with all.

10. Flats of Animal Print

Undoubtedly one of the fashion trends is the animal print and in the flats could be no exception, if you like to be fashionable opts for this modern footwear.

9. Flats Openworks

It is a very fresh, perfect footwear for this spring summer season, the openwork flats are preferred by many women who opt for the comfort.

8. Flats with texture

Nothing more modern than the textures in their shoes, so opt for these flats with texture very modern in golden color.

7. Patent leather Flats

With very bright colors the patent as well as comfortable flats, are ideal for those women who like to draw attention with their footwear.

6. Flats with strap

Nothing more feminine than some cute flats with belt, also the combination of colors makes them very versatile and modern.

5. Flats Bicolor

This is an excellent choice in flats, especially if they are in very trendy like black and pink colors, look also very feminine.

4. Red Flats

The colors that are fashionable, red has a special place, you can also combine them with everything you want. No doubt the Red flats are your best choice.

3. Flats with inlays

The flats with inlays are ideal for those modern girls and who like lots of comfort, as well as being very feminine.

2. Flats fish mouth

There is nothing more basic than the flats, especially if it’s fish mouth flats which are ideal for these spring-summer seasons and spring.

1. Flats Zebra

Something that is very fashionable are the flats Zebra, ideal to create trend this season, in addition to comfortable and ideal for any occasion.

The flats are shoes that can not miss you, are indispensable, because in addition to being comfortable, are always fashionable. Choose your Favorites and combine them with whatever you want.

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