Braid Hairstyles Trend

Braided hairstyles are booming this year. They are worn to any look, and at every opportunity. You change your style and give your hair a whole new form. Gretchen – and peasant braids, elaborate woven works of art but also simple page braidsare popular. 2015 you can braid, just the way you like – main thing, you’re doing it!

Braided pigtails are the icing on the cake for the trendy Hippie Lookthat accompanied us in this summer. Generally they are fine suitable, bring a little change in the hair. Plaited braids can be worn for any occasion.

You flechtest a regular braid, you zwirbelst to the Chignon or side put in the job, at the evening event, you design your braided hairstyle slightly more prominently and during leisure time you flechtest only some of the parts according to mood. At least medium length hair and hair ties are what you need for each braided pigtail.

Braided hairstyles make up

An all-rounder is the normal plaited braid, which consists of three strands of hair. You can braid it either very strict and clean and depending on the hair length also relaxed over the shoulder on the page set. In the job, and on ceremonial occasions this variant is suitable.

French braid

The braided cable is more relaxed on Back to Back-10, when you pull out the braided strands a little so he seems wider in these places. The braid is an elegant, if you make a French braid it. Succeed by already start to braid the hair on the back of the head and also take a strand each time. The normal braid Braid is almost girlish and playful if you make it two braids à la Pippi Langstrumpf. With a floor-length XXL you have thus the ideal summer look 2015 summer dress and matching hat.

Herringbone braid

The herringbone braid is an impressive Flechtzopf, which looks complicated, but is quite easy to braid. Only two are required instead of the usual three strands of hair. The hair from the top of the head are divided into two sections. Now you can add links hair to the right section of the free hair over the left section of hair. Then you can add hair from the right side to the inside of the left strand. You flechtest a lock from the outer area of the hair over the main section on the other side always in the Exchange. The herringbone pattern consists of smooth strands of hair, who find themselves together in the middle of the braided hairstyle.

In each braided hairstyle, you can also Extensions, ribbons and beads with braid, which make your hairstyle look lively. Also beautiful Barrettes and colorful hair ties are a must-have for a trendy hairstyle this year.

STYLING Tip: Pay attention to the braided hairstyles that your hair are not freshly washed. So they have more support, are handy and can be more easily processed. Give a little Stylingcreme in the hair and go! Wavy hair pins are incidentally almost better for a better grip of the hairstyle!


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