Tulip Bridal Bouquet Ideas

The bridal bouquet with tulips is perfect for those who organize the wedding in the spring, giving it a touch of color and freshness to the bridal look. The tulips offer a rich variety of shades and styles, from the most sober to the most mischievous. Before you compose your bouquet, inquire about the numerous types and possibilities that this flower has to offer. Already dreaming of the famous Dutch tulip fields? Be inspired and choose the flower for you: discover with us how to find the right solution!
The tulip as a symbol of love

The tulip, native to Asia, particularly in Turkey, is so named because of similar to a turban shape, “tullband” turkish, in fact. It is a symbol of love par excellence, but few people know. A legend says that the tulips were born from the drops of blood of a boy who committed suicide for love. Known as the Dutch flower, the tulip was imported into Europe in the sixteenth century, and since then colors the Dutch courts every year. Why choose a tulip to decorate the bridal bouquet defined on Digopaul.com? A more common is to use the roses, which are also a symbol of love and passion. With tulips the effect is different: the colors are more varied, offering a unique range of colors, which cheers and wonder. You can choose to compose a bouquet of tulips alone or combine them with other flowers, everything is the choice of style and color.

classic varieties of tulips

Before I give you advice on style and the floral arrangement best suited to your marriage, we tell the varieties of tulips existing, so you can consciously choose your bridal bouquet. Most early tulips are those of the variety Duke of Tholl, which can be simple early, two early or late double, all solid colors, flowers, gradient or bicolor. The most popular varieties with large flowers, colored or shaded, are the Darwin. Very used to compose bouquets, we find the variety called Triumph, a cross between the early and simple Darwin, available in many color varieties. If you love warm colors like orange, purple and yellow, you can select the Breeder, another variety that offers many interesting combinations.

Increasingly, this classic genre, there are the Mendel, derived from a cross between the Duke of Tholl and Darwin.

The most original tulips for your bouquet

If you are looking tulips from the forms and the most original and variegated colors, try one of the following species: we start from tulips with special shapes, such as varieties of lily flower with pointed petals and open. With fringed petals streaked and stained, you’ll also find parrots, or the Rembrandt, popular for growing gardens. Finally, a variety whose name speaks for itself, is that of the bizarre tulips, like parrots but with more original forms.

for the bouquet of tulips tips

How to create a bouquet of tulips? What styles and colors are better suited to these beautiful spring flowers? We begin with a consideration of colors: with tulips can really sbizzarrivi, from multicolor bouquet and saucy in chic monochrome compositions and romantic. If for example you want to use the Pantone color of 2016, rose quartz , why not opt for pink tulips, perhaps combined with some white buds? The bouquet is elegant and romantic, perfectly matched to ‘wedding dress classic. Another tip, to remain under the new 2015-2016 trends, is to use pastel colors to one shabby chic style, perhaps combining your wedding bouquets to centerpieces, always made ​​with tulips and wicker baskets, to decorate the table. Those who love the bold colors, can be combined in an original bouquet yellow tulips, orange, blue, maybe alternating with buds of wildflowers. A perfect color for the monochromatic bouquet is the beautiful red, a symbol of love and passion, which can be combined with the lipstick worn by the bride, for the look of a true diva. In short, we have provided you with some simple notion, some practical advice for your bridal bouquet. Now you just need to seize the opportunity and choose the tulips you love the most!

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