Types of Men’s Watches

This is one of the main accessories for men and, in most cases, their own little treasure. The good news is that for each type of man there is a kind of watch.


Arguably classic tends to be the most elegant in any respect, and is no exception when it comes to men’s watches.

Classic watches generally have a delicate, thin shell, in shades of yellow gold and pink (one of the strongest trends in jewelry this season) and silver or platinum bright or dim.

The look is completed with a strap of the same material, or leather, which can be smooth or crocodile, in black or brown, light or dark.

An ideal combination is the rose gold case with dark gray background. Elegant and masculine: a classic.


Vintage watches provide a more relaxed and fun style. Ideal for day and on weekends, casual watches have surprising details in their structure.

One of the big trends for this spring and summer is the nautical mesh. This type of mesh manufactured from nylon thread, usually presents with vertical stripes in different color combinations, although most carried include blue , white and red, typically nautical colors.

In the segment of vintage style watches for man, the range of choice is a little wider.

You can choose large or watches something smaller, usually with little detail with metal casing or ceramic, mechanical, mesh leather, rubber and resin or rectangular or round. This is where else can play.


Sports watches tend to stand out from other watches both for its size and the benefits it offers to the wearer.

They are usually waterproof (although it is currently a feature of most watches) and not only give the time but that can measure heart rate, calorie counting, ringing an alarm when the moisture level is low, counting each step gives and to help orient in a sea crossing, besides storing data on the tide and the phases of the moon.

We can find both mechanical and digital (preferred in this type of watch) version. Here it all in terms of design.

Abound tiny knobs and buttons, needles that make all kinds of data and small screens that coexist within a single clock. Only for connoisseurs unless there is available a good amount of time to study the manual thoroughly.


Over the top is the best way to describe this style. The flamboyant man likes to be the center of attention and make a difference with striking and completely different from other parts. With any of these models it is sure to achieve your goal.

The extravagant watches are big and bold, both for its design and its size. In this season of 2013, rose gold is strong trend in watches and jewelery for both women and men. Various combinations of pink gold, stainless steel and details like many small bright gracing both the watch and bracelet components are.

In addition to the pink gold and diamonds, another strong trend in watchmaking is the choice of designers stop the clock mechanism exposed, so on the wrist you can see the gears and studied movements millimetric components wristwatch. Fascinating: although it can overburden the area, we are talking about extravagant watches, so anything goes.

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