Anker 13-Port USB 3.0 Hub

From time to time I present to you some new product ideas of anchor in the test. In this edition has managed the 13-Port USB 3.0 Aluminum Hub and the Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Both products are quite price-breaker in its category and still have an attractive price.

The USB 3.0 13-port USB hub.

A tidy work promises juxtaposed the USB hub equal to 13 ports. Now at first glance this may certainly seem like overkill, but even I have about 6-7 USB devices that I could connect to my Mac simultaneously. Currently I stöpsele then always from what. This USB hub so that is no longer a problem.

The device itself is very well made and is safe in an aluminum housing. should shut throwing since its not a big problem. Additionally, each USB port has a light, by which the activity of the port is displayed. The Alukasten has remained very flat and does not affect nerdy but rather decent.

The ports are far enough from each other, so that the insertion of multiple USB sticks is not a problem. There is also an on-off switch which cuts off the mains voltage if necessary. is for the power supply namely a 5Ampere Strong power supply with. That’s enough to, for example, two tablets are being discharged or 5 iPhones.

Overall, this USB 3.0 connector with a price of just over 70 € on Amazon not cheap, but it should solve for some time the annoying USB problem with the rapid 3.0 standard. Enough ports for all. One accessory that I can recommend to anyone with this problem without any problems.

The anchor Bluetooth Speaker

Now Bluetooth Speaker there are a dime a dozen and some really good models are already on the market. About 40 € costs the anchor model. Unwrapped be struck by the fairly high-quality finish. The device is already heavier than some plastic box which I had in hand. Bluetooth 4.0 is available, the battery lasts for 15 hours at medium volume. Otherwise there are the usual connectors (3.5mm jack, USB for charging) and a proper power switch for pushing. Wohoo!

The sound of the anchor Portable Bluetooth Speaker is rather so goes like this. The highs and mids are really nice and clear. However one can, rather small speaker is not really serious depths to conjure forth. This is partly also on the size, but here the vote seems deliberately not chosen to be on full bass. An outlet opening because there are not also.

So RECOURSE good workmanship to be highlighted and to give the whole an OK.

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