How to Light Your Office: 5 Tips Indispensable

You should spend at least 8 hours a day in the workplace. The office has become his second home, and just like at home, the best thing is to enjoy our stay.

One of the most important details to make the environment is warm and pleasant is the lighting. The way it is designed in the office can even set your productivity.

Therefore, Hometeka met 5 important things to consider when choosing lighting for your desktop. These tips are also useful for interior designers and architects, check out:

Diffused lighting

Plan the lighting according to the disposition of staff and furniture in the room. One tip is to avoid working under direct lighting lamps in the ceiling – the energy of very incisive light can generate stress, tension, heat and hinder the employee to perform their tasks calmly and efficiently.

Still under spotlights, avoid installing a very high voltage lamp. In addition to warm the environment, the reflection of light on objects and roles creates a glow uncomfortable to view.

As an alternative, you can look for ways to diffuse the ambient light around the space. The goal is to illuminate evenly environment without creating undue contrasts, exaggerated glare or shadows.

For this, a good tip is to use lamps to LEDs. Lamps may be cold, and therefore result in a more open and homogeneous illumination. In the market, you can find various models. There are lamps with low temperature, good intensity and extremely economical.

An important care that goes beyond the choice of lamps is the decision of the color of the space. Because it is a corporate environment, the most appropriate is to make use of white or lighter shades – this because they reflect light more easily and thus give sense of clarity.


It is important to pay attention to the position of the light in relation to furniture, staff and tasks performed in the environment. For example, if a spotlight behind your desk while you work with your computer, it will probably generate an annoying glare and uncomfortable on your monitor. If you perform tasks using the right hand, the arm and hand can cast shadows to the light also comes on the right.

So take care when choosing the position of the light sources so that they are not harmful to employee productivity.

One way out of this problem are the fixtures of furniture and adjustable table. You can change the position of the object on the surface and the direction of the lamp.

Light Bulb

For computer work the, files, important drawers and intensive tasks is important that you have a well-defined light source and head directly to what you are doing.

The spots with LED are a good option if the idea is to install the light on the ceiling. These small parts direct focus of light can vary the temperature of white – in this case, remember to opt for cool white – as well as being very economical.

If the idea is to get closer to activity focus, table lamps can also be a solution, as are adjustable and articulated.
But remember to choose a lamp that does not have high temperature – with the spotlight near the activity, sense heat can be even greater.

Luz Natural

Care for the office lighting design is important, but do not dismiss something that is out of planning: the natural light.

The daylight coming from open windows or doors improves air circulation around the space and allows the stay at room temperature. In addition to these benefits, this is an economical and sustainable measure. In this case, the ideal is to install a lighting system that balances the natural light and artificial inside the office.

Decorative Illumination

Do not stick only to functional lighting in the corporate environment – decorative also has its place.She values ​​the environmental aesthetics as a whole – and face it: working in a visually pleasant environment makes us more motivated to perform our tasks efficiently.

Bet on targeted spots for decorative objects, framed diplomas on the wall or tables around the room. Let your functional environment with good taste.

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