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Smart Watches have already reached the market. The various companies are beginning to launch their watches as if they were the new paradigm in the world of technology. But in that vortex of information and presentations, to end all left one thing out: for smart watches what worth? We focus on their duties, and set aside their technical specifications.

And it is that, if you already itself always stated that the technical specifications of a smart phone do not define the quality or usefulness thereof, in the case of smart watches this statement becomes an axiom. We can forget about the processor and RAM, and focus on the same functions to determine the true value of these watches that, even though we have known as intelligent, there are many who are already committed to pull irony to call them “stupid”.


There is no doubt that with the boom of smart bracelets quantifier, and the different watches with GPS launch brands such as Suntoo and Garmin, smart watch manufacturers have seen a sector with great commercial potential. Basically, these smart watches aspire to make disappear the watches of high range, whose price had started from 200 euros in the most basic, and passed with ease the 500 euros. It should take into account that market more expensive smart clock is currently the Apple – company associated with technological luxury by its recent products, but whose clock costs 350 euros in its most basic version for iphone. That said, we can realize that even the most expensive smart watches can compete in price regards with sport watches, putting within reach of more people carrying a device that provides us with data of the sport we play on the wrist. What information can give us?

In almost all, not to mention absolutely everyone, we find on screen worn calories to a particular exercise, let’s or not the smartphone with us when we are doing exercise. In addition to this, are already several that include altimeter, that it is able to detect if we went up stairs, or even if you mount bike; and accelerometer, thanks to which the steps we take are calculated.

This will be added different possibilities that have different smart watches. If we opt for the Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch R, or the Apple Watch, will have a heart rate monitor that will show us the rhythm of our heart. If we chose Sony SmartWatch 3 we will have GPS, go geopositioned our career or cycling route, telling us the speed that we carry, and rhythm. The problem is that those who carry GPS not heart rate monitor. That Yes, if we take the smartphone with us, this will make GPS and send geo-positioning data to our smartwatch, so if don’t mind us carrying clock and smartphone, will have all the information with the first clocks. Only the Samsung Gear S has GPS and heart rate monitor, but it is also the heaviest and clumsy for everyone, and the less sporty.


The most sedentary users made the same claim: “to me, I don’t care if they are used to do sports, I what I want is to talk by WhatsApp from the watch”. Although the communication section can not be reduced solely to the use of the most commonly used time messaging application, the truth is that the fact that that title is a clear proof of the determining factor is when we talk about communication. Almost all watches, depending on the operating system used, allow to communicate by WhatsApp. That includes watches with Android Wear, which are now already allow talking on WhatsApp. As we do not have a keyboard on the screen, we will have to use our voice to the message. Many watches have microphone, but we can also use a headset with microphone Bluetooth connected to the clock to communicate with him. Obviously, to wear the watch so you will need to have connection to the Internet, and therefore, have the smartphone available to watch.

Samsung Gear S, again a special case, is completely independent of the smartphone, and can put a SIM card, make calls and connect to the Internet. Samsung has also presented a necklace that is separated into headphones with microphone, so we can use them to make calls with the Gear.

Apple Watch has not yet reached the market, and we can not confirm if it will be compatible with WhatsApp, although hopefully this app, as well as all the famous App Store, to launch apps for the Apple Watch until it reaches the market.

Remote control of the smartphone

But it seems that the main function of the watches is currently becoming a remote distance for the smartphone. And seen so they may seem more useful than so far seem to. In different situations, we could find a useful carrying a clock. For starters, they are a secondary screen of the smartphone, which allows us to view data without having to take the Smartphone from the bag or Briefcase. If we are running or bicycling, you will be still more useful, because already look doll you will see a new notification that we have received, an email, a tweet or a message. The best thing is that these notifications may appear on screen without us to do anything, when you turn on the screen, we see them, and we cannot ignore them if they are not important.

But to this we must add the possibility to interact with the smartphone through the smart clock. Removing the smartphone from the backpack when we ride bike to change the song we are playing is not easy, and more if we tend to constantly changing song. It is much easier to change the song by pressing one button of the clock we carry at the wrist. If we are in a working meeting and receive an important email that we cannot answer at this time but you have to try another partner urgently, since our own clock will forward it to a contact, without having to take the smartphone, and in just a few gestures. Already talked about the possibility of controlling the smart watch smartphone camera, and of course, will be a matter of time that the chances of these smart watches will expand.


Smart watches are still not a final product, but we can say that the clocks that are on the market are beginning to have a promising future, and insurance will be used to create a new very profitable market in the world of technology. Who knows what lies ahead in regards to these smart watches. What seems clear is that we cannot judge them only by the characteristics that have. The developers, which have grown the world’s apps, smartphones and tablets, so far, that will have to deal with inventing the various functions that may have these smart watches will be. The arrival of a large number of them allows that increasingly are more users interested in them, are also more developers working on them, and therefore, are many more features we can expect in the coming months.

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