How to Choose Plus Size Swimwear?

Lush forms often very experienced due to the arrival of beach season because of sea excursion is the need to expose all the most “inconvenient” locations. And many vain!

After all, it is worth to choose a swimsuit, how will feel they have flaws in the figure, you can still look feminine and beautiful. And it is quite understandable as swimsuit – it’s normal clothes, just it was strictly direction – beach. And, like all clothing, swimwear, you just have to properly take.

Many lush girls can say that this is unrealistic. Of course, basic models of swimsuits that are overcrowded specialty shops and boutiques specializing in shapely girls here for the full choice, really small.

This may seem unfair, but do not despair, because the production of swimsuits for plump women consuming a separate and very deep niche in the contemporary fashion industry, which speaks of choice and variety of Hoticle models. You can turn to online shopping, where the choice is much more than in local shops and the ratio between price and quality can pleasantly surprise you.

If you want to feel comfortable and confident in a swimsuit, and then to his choice should be approached with all seriousness. Do not be lazy to try them in stores, even better would be if a bandage on it, will try and feel that with you nothing and nowhere nothing, it is very important.

When buying a swimsuit in internet store, pay attention to the possibility of returning the goods unless it is appropriate and how it can be to implement.

How to Choose a Swimsuit for Plus Size Women?

As with any dress in swimwear has its rules and tricks that allow us to present your body in the best light that will allow you to feel confident and irresistible.

When choosing a swimsuit mainly need to pay attention to the quality of the fabric from which he does some sewing, you do not want to after the first bathing in salt water, he lost form and all its dignity. The fabric should be quite thick, with optimal content of 20-30% lycra that will allow tightly figure, but at the same time allows the body to breathe and not become pull many figure in most places unsuccessful. Plus to everything, this swimsuit is just not to lose its shape, but on the contrary, a long time will be successful not to wear one piece bathing and washing.

When choosing a swimsuit for plus size girls should immediately abandon glowing and shiny fabrics as they are strongly attracted to her attention, the same applies swimwear, knitwear, which visually increase fullness. They’d better look bright colors all the colors most favorable colors – blue, black, brown, purple, burgundy – they are able to skillfully hide the extra volumes, but emphasize all the necessary qualities.

If you decide to buy a swimsuit model, something worth paying attention to the big and sharp images. For example, hide the excess belly will help the vertical and diagonal stripes and leads to highlight the beautiful breasts is possible using a V-shaped silhouette by adding bright images notably in the area of ​​the neck.

Depending on what type of figure can be attributed, we need to get out jersey. For example, it is believed that the ideal option for plump girls – this is bathing. Yes, this option is suitable for figures type “apple”, but filled with girls figure type “pear” can be approached as individual options and swimwear. If the figure is T-shaped, then you should avoid too wide on your shoulders not to bid them even greater volume, but worth it to add emphasis hips, garnish with them, for example, sarongs.

Choose a swimsuit that bra cups, and with inserts that will help you visually restore a few extra kilos in problem areas. Avoid different bright decor and shiny tissue of problem areas bikini thong tight bodice networks will also be misplaced, all these are only visually unwanted weight.

Closed Swimsuit for Plus Size

Recently in vogue again entered swimwear, they are popular not only among full ladies, but among shapely. So why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Just swimming costume is ideal for active recreation – water skiing, scuba diving in the pool or in the sea can not make you worry that you will lose detail of the swimming suit, as happens in certain models.

By the way, recently became very modern asymmetrical patterns that many come with full ladies and again in the trend colors of the 50s, which are also aimed at ladies’ body.

Double Swimsuits for Plus Size Women

These models are best suitable for women with moderate obesity, which have well-defined waist, this figure is a “pear” or “hourglass”. These models swimsuit is better to choose high are food bags, and with good and thick bodice to be advantageous to emphasize chest.

Incidentally, as we have said in retro fashion again, so it is now very popular bags with lower edge, ie as shorts or skirts that can be cleverly hide unnecessary “ears” and bury your feet.

From miniature float had to quit, and if you have a full back and shoulders, and then select bodice with wide that will be strong to crash into the skin, creating and not very aesthetic.

What is this? Everything is very simple, it is certain that not once you’ve seen bathing suits carried out in the form of  shirts and tights or shorts.

Tankian – this is a great option for those who strongly complex about on his belly and will hide under a Tshirt and beautiful large breasts will be possible with ease to emphasize and highlight, as is the top of the knee.

These swimsuits are different – ordinary, crosswise with halter neck and any other options. Most often up it is a bright color, while the lower part is more relaxed plain color.

However, depending on which of the zones will find the problematic color you can highlight one or another part of the body. These swimsuits are now very popular, they have different colors and decorations. Great popularity enjoy a trooper with floral and animal motifs, but also simple model with the addition of bright bands.

Remember that if bathing suit failed to hide all its faults, you can always take advantage of sarongs or beach sex who can successfully cope with this task and will also protect you from the fiery sun.

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