What to Do with an Old Bicycle

Want to get rid of your dear old bike? Turn it into a sculpture or a table for the living room. Here’s what they did many artists.

You have a bike that you no longer use and is buried by the dust? Go down in the cellar, or go in the attic and dusts off your two wheels. As they say to the pig, even the bicycle does not throw anything away . Sets aside the memories of long walks past with her, of daring rides among winding streets and prickly weeds. It begins to devise your own work of art giving a new chance to your rusty bike.

The wheels can be turned into the table legs or the support surface, and may be the arms of a chair. The Tour Table , designed by the architect Gae Aulenti in 1993, consists of four bicycle wheels that support the glass plate.  Andrew Gregg founded the Bike Furniture Design in 1990, a company specializing in the production of tables, stools and seats made ​​with replacement of bike recycling. Gregg address in its collections even the waste components of other means of transport, such as car safety belts, the glass from the windows of trains, buses and cars.

The frames, after a tiring metamorphosis, hardly stacked up on each other to be admired in a metal sculpture. The group calling itself the Surge Bicycle Sculpture. Conceived by Lucy Slavinski in 2006, in Chicago. You can visit eBicycleLights if you want Skull Shaped Valve LED Light.

The chains of your bike can become an adorable puppy. The Israeli Nint Levav Packer , after graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York, she began her career in the fashion industry. Over time a strong passion for the art of recycling, and begins to realize with chains and bicycle parts , life-size sculptures of dogs 1: 1.

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