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Maxi Sweatshirt Skirt

Balances, balances, balances wonderful! You already started the hunt of your treasures? Here is some advice on what to buy to renew leaders maybe a little ‘off, adding a single detail, very special and perfectly suited to redraw the figure diverting attention from … Continue reading

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How to Wear a Miniskirt

And ‘the symbol of women’s emancipation and since more than 50 years ago, appeared for the first time on the legs of the designer who conceived it has completely revolutionized the world of fashion. Years pass and miniskirt continues to be the most … Continue reading

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Leather Outfits

Jackets, pants, skirts, shorts and even dresses: in “trend for spring-summer 2014” can not miss the skin (even in eco version). Well yes. If it had been one of the autumn-winter 2013-2014, the trend leather (or the ‘faux leather) from our wardrobe does … Continue reading

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How to Choose The Right Tights

Once it is cold, there is the question of sticky. It is true that it seems easier not to linger and don pants instead of the question which to choose in front of his wardrobe. And yet, you’re missing the golden opportunity … Continue reading

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How to Wear Leggings With Skirts

Originally worn by dancers to keep their calf cramps, leggings have become a fashion accessory in the 1980s Since then, leggings were out of style, but returned with a vengeance. Wear leggings with skirts offers a fashionable look that you can … Continue reading

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Msgm Autumn Winter

A MSGM rich prints, metallic fabrics, Prince of Wales, floral patterns on sweatshirts, dresses and men’s suits elegant, for a fall-winter 2014-2015 collection dynamic and fresh. Color, floral patterns, prints with brush painting with macro photographs of faces in black … Continue reading

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What to Wear with Long Skirts

Ready to draw your skirt to get out? Yes, but what to wear with to be sure not to commit a fashion misstep? Don’t panic! Shirt, blouse, sweater, t-shirt, tank top, depending on the style of your skirt, choose the top that you … Continue reading

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Cinnamon, Summer Elegance in 60’s Style

The sober and playful elegance of the sixties back to life in the summer collection 2015 of the brand Made in Italy. Look, wear the clothes of the summer collection 2015 Cinnamon and be transported to the nostalgic sixties is one. To speak the language … Continue reading

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How to Choose The Right Blouse

How to choose his shirt, her blouse? This is the question to ask before purchasing. What price must be put to a nice shirt woman ? What subjects to choose? The choice is so vast that it is often difficult to choose her blouse.

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Style of Blake Lively

Blake Lively is an icon in terms of must and fashionable trends, her outfits are chic and ultra-feminine. We selected those unforgettable inciting to inspire. Class and style are two qualities that qualify better than any other American actress Blake Lively, the telefilm … Continue reading

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How to Wear Leggings and Leg Warmers

Even before we start, we must be clear about this-leggings are not pants, do not treat them like a pair of pants. They can look very chic, but only if you pair them up right. The best way to wear them … Continue reading

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Skirt Style Tips

Today, you get some style tips from me on how to consider when shopping skirt. Many people wonder what is the rule regarding kjollängden? It depends on what profession you have? At pantyhose face thickness? Shoe model? The answers can vary and depends on the … Continue reading

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Types of Maternity Underwear

No panic, everything’s fine Slowly, you will return to your ideal weight (or not d elsewhere), you will reclaim this new body of mother. No question here to talk plans, others do it very well, but rather clothing. Hey Yes, … Continue reading

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Benefits of Wearing Tights

How to speak of essential accessories reminiscent tights? While stars have revived day printed and colored tights, we tend to neglect the simple tights , which nevertheless have real potential.

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Tights and Leg Warmers

It is said, far from giving up skirts, shorts and dresses in winter, we adapt our outfits bitterly cold by leveraging our beloved tights, leggings, bottom, leggings and gaiters. The latter dress us the legs of lycra, cotton, silk, wool, and … Continue reading

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Where to Buy Comfy Leggings

Did you know that there are leggings for several hundred years? Originally, the tight-fitting garments were worn by men.They were at first mostly made of leather, before they were over time from materials such as cotton, produced. Today leggings are worn mainly … Continue reading

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How to Wear Ankle Boots Properly

How To Wear Ankle Boots Correctly With the onset of winter begins again the time of the closed, warm shoes. So also the time of ankle boots. But what exactly are these ankle boots? Ankle boots are shoes, in which the shaft … Continue reading

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Types of Dresses for Different Body Shapes

Are you a pear? So your hip is slightly wider than your shoulders? If so, you have a feminine character in A-line, also known as Pear Shape. Typical is that most women with this figure up a smaller size contribute as below. Accordingly, the … Continue reading

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Winter Parka Jackets

Model because of its length appreciated by women who prefer cold season it is possible to cover your feet. Filling Parks-duck down-and knee-length provide heating of its owner. Parks with removable Hood fur collars regulated on both sides. The adjustable strap … Continue reading

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Pregnancy in Style

During pregnancy, maintain a good style is not exactly the easiest exercise. The body is almost unrecognizable, the abdominal always in the way, the bust mostly already. But it works! To inspire the pregnant women among you a little bit, we have … Continue reading

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Choose the Dresses for Chubby Ladies

The dresses for fatties are charming and highlights of plus size fashion. Women who are overweight can also take advantage of the best that fashion has to be always beautiful and modern. After all, having a few extra pounds does not prevent any woman … Continue reading

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What Jacket do You Wear with a Long Skirt

In true basic of our closets, the long skirt can accessorize endlessly reinventing everyday style. But is that the suit jacket can perfectly accord with all long skirts? Little history of fashion gestures to adopt and fashion faux pas to … Continue reading

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Children’s Dresses for Special Occasions

After a certain age, girls want to have to take the reins of her clothes and choose the models to use. At the same stage, the dresses become jokers parts in the cabinets of teens are practical and combine with virtually … Continue reading

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Wearing Pleated Skirts: Short, Medium and Long

In the last Oscar ceremony, Lupita Nyong’o, the winner of the best supporting actress award, wore (inspired by the bubbles of champagne, as she said), a long pale blue Prada with pronounced neckline and long pleated skirt that attracted looks and sighs … Continue reading

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How to Wear 60s Skirts Fashion

Despite having been a tendency for over 50 years, the fashion of the 60s is still with everything and always shows up in the parades of big brands, it is rare to find a woman who does not have some part influenced by it. … Continue reading

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How to Wear Pleated Skirts?

Pleated skirts will bring a more romantic, chic look in this summer! For a while here, they have invaded many showcases and people’s hearts. Pleated skirts are very versatile, and you can simply adapt them according to your body type and its length. If you don’t want … Continue reading

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How to Wear Printed Skirts

Darlings among many women, skirts are charming, elegant, modern and perfect for any occasion. It is one of the most popular pieces of women’s clothing and old, their lengths vareiam by reference or biotype of each woman and can be found in … Continue reading

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How to Choose Skirts?

Good morning divas!! Are you all right? Well … today I decided to talk about the skirts/dresses! You may have noticed by the looks of the day that I devote myself to not let you miss any opportunity of showing the legs. In the comments, … Continue reading

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