How do You Buy Maternity Clothes

Usually circumference of stores with clothes for pregnant begins around the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy. But at every expectant mother is different because some body changes considerably, while others do very swollen. That is why there are pregnant, have long wear old clothes or shop from store to standard clothing, but simply buy a larger size.

There are some specific features of the closet for pregnant women. Here are our tips:

Invest in a basic wardrobe.

Since maternity clothes are not particularly cheap, best buy 3-4 things that you can wear throughout pregnancy. Jeans, dress, tunic and leggings are appropriate choices that will not burden the very budget. Choose classic or neutral colors and use colorful accessories to vary your vision.

Be aware of the matter.

We encourage you to choose clothing from natural fabrics like cotton and linen. It is good also buy clothes with Lycra and average rate elasticity, so you do not tighten and expand with the progress of pregnancy.

Just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to dress in sacks. You can wear popular tunic tops for maternity made by Bestaah. On the contrary, some of the best maternity clothes are dresses and tunics with A-shaped silhouette because emphasize the bust and hide the tummy and hips. Blouses with V-neck, models a “hug me” dresses with a belt under the bust are options for the future mother.

Be practical.

That your body is changing, does not mean that all old clothes drop out of your closet. On the contrary, long dresses for summer are the right choice for clothing for pregnant women. Vest, denim jacket or poncho can also continue to wear difference is that the first two will stand more often undone.

Correct prints.

Not all color combinations are suitable for the wardrobe of the mother. If you like florals, choose clothes with medium-sized flowers. If you are too small or too big attract unnecessary attention to the swollen belly. The rule applies to clothing with similar motives. Suitable classic black and white combination that will save your closet and office.

These include jeans with elastic belt that both fold and stick your belly without tighten. Some mothers, however, prefer to replace them with overalls, which can wear after pregnancy. You also need seamless bra because during pregnancy the breasts are particularly sensitive to the touch. Last on the list are low, flat shoes – forget about high heels as much of the pregnant women complain of swollen legs.

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