Types of Men’s Accessories

It has been several years since he has broken the old myth that men do not have the slightest interest in accessories. Men are increasingly concerned about their appearance and be in tune with the trends is natural. To help in your search for the perfect wholesale men’s accessories, we have compiled a list of items that should not miss in your wardrobe this summer 2012.

Sunglasses: aviators rectangular

The glasses have become the essential accessory to combat the harsh glare of the sun in both summer and winter. This summer of 2012, the protagonists will remain primarily goggles model flyer, but with a twist that updated, rectangular crystals. These modern models may find crystals in shades of blue, chocolate, classic green and gray.

Sunglasses: classic aviators

Of course the classic aviators with crystal teardrop remain in force, although the rectangular crystals, undoubtedly give a modern and elegant touch to any summer outfit.

Sunglasses: Wayfarer

Another classic style of sunglasses that refuses to disappear is the model Wayfarer. Now not only used black, but can be found in countless colors -only one or combined – and also tortoiseshell. Many models have the option of being foldable.

Nautic shoes

Did someone say that makes the fashion of the eighties? Indeed, there are rumors. For men, the style of that decade is also hanging around and trying again, and in this case will through shoes. We are talking about the classic boat shoe or deck shoes that were all therage among boys 30 years ago. We can find them in all shades of brown (classic this shoe color), in combinations of blue with white soles, or the classic combination of red, blue and white, or each of these colors separately.

Shoes: slip-on

Besides water shoes, we can also find such profusion of footwear slip-on , mostly canvas, usually with the same white soles, characteristic of the summer nautical fashion.

Shoes: loafers

Moccasins or drivers rubber – soled also be very visible this season.

Shoes: Oxford

When it comes to special occasions or want to give a more elegant touch to the locker room, style Oxford – in shades of brown, blue, gray, white, black or beige – are chosen, without question.


Men’s caps for winter. In a season that stands out for its elegance recurrence at other times, complement your wardrobe with a hat style fedora gender or interlaced straw are a must. The wide variety of styles fedoras allows use both with a relaxed outfit to a somewhat special occasion.


Give the note was missing and certainly so will seat models for this season. We noticed two distinctly different types of belts: on one hand we have the classic leather, and on the other, the tissue.

Belts: Leather

Classic leather belts in shades of brown ranging from lighter chocolate and black classic are and will be unmovable in the male wardrobe. This year the touch is buckles, which will mainly be rectangular (either with the classic hitch system or buckle covered by a metal solid plate), although some designers like Salvatore Ferragamo, play a little more with the design; Such is the case of buckles ” Double Gancini” reminiscent of two opposing horseshoes.

Belts: fabric

On the other hand we have the lightest belts, suitable for day or fabrics manufactured in gender and buckle closure system friction, which gives an even more relaxed look. As for colors, the virtually universal design features a crossed with a strip along mainly in shades of blue and white, continuing the nautical theme of the season tone.

Bags – messenger bag

The bags are no longer the exclusive property of women for a long time. Men also have much to carry throughout the day and the use of bags is already widespread. Do favorites? They are the messenger bag or messenger bags, so called because they are designed based on bags using postal deliverers. They are ideal for easily and conveniently charge your notebook and all other items that kids need during the day.

Bags – details

Both leather and fabric, preferred colors are the ubiquitous black, dark green and all shades of brown. As for details, so they remain quite sober and only with details of buckles and fasteners hidden in the most modern models.



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