8 Steps to Apply False Eyelashes

The false eyelashes will never be fashion, from decades ago have been allies of women who want to show off a stunning look. As well as being ideal for those people who have very small tabs or sparsely populated.

To apply eyelashes fake nails don’t have to be an expert, only with patience and practice will be able to become an expert by following these simple steps to place them.

1. Materials

As first step take care of have on hand: false eyelashes, tweezers tweezers, a stick of naranjo, scissors, glue for false eyelashes and a magnifying mirror.

2. Makeup

The next step to place the false eyelashes must makeup eyes completely, and leave the false eyelashes at the end, so do not run the risk of maltreating them, take them off or dust them with waste from the shadows.

3. It outlines

To place the false eyelashes, it is necessary to delineate the eye with this we guide you to know where to place the tab, so it is recommended that outlined is as close to the root of the eyelashes.

4. The tab size

Make-up once we are ready to place the tab, the first thing we have to making is to measure the length of eyelashes with natural length of your eye, if the tab has a spare trim them with scissors.

5. Glue

Once cut eyelashes the glue on the false Eyelash line is placed and leave to dry for 10 seconds.

6. False eyelashes

Place the tab as close to the natural line of your eyelashes can help with clamps to hold it and the stick to go it pushing where it you think suitable.

7. Outlined

To disguise the false eyelashes with natural line apply black liquid eyeliner.

8. Mascara

To melt your natural lashes with false eyelashes apply a coat of mascara.

Ready, with these simple steps you’ll look a glamorous look that is sure to Captivate.
False eyelashes can place them either before or after the makeup, don’t forget that you must buy that seem more natural and a special adhesive that comes in the package is not of very effective.


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