How to Wear Short Cardigans

You want to buy a short sweater? Here we have compiled useful questions and answers for you.

Who are short cardigans best?

Small women should when choosing their jacket remain small – whether they want to buy a sweater or a transition jacket or winter jacket. A short cardigan can visually make the upper body look bigger. Who counts himself for X-type figure, also called hourglass figure, should also choose a short sweater, which gives the upper body contour and is not blocking the narrow waist. Here, the sweater may also fail tightly.

Which short cardigans slim?

To look like adding a few pounds, choose a sweater with beautiful waterfall flounces. The drape laminated to vigorous games and stretched on the other optically. Dark colors and black sweaters are special eye-catcher. Are the knitting ribs along or the jacket is striped lengthwise that flatters also when some excess fat is too high. Do not select the Cardigan to coarse material – carrying on.


What should be considered when purchasing a short cardigan with a round-Po?

For women with a strong Po heavy fabrics are right, they fall down hard and are so not on the Po on. Therefore, they should ideally also end above the bottom and not directly on the Po.

What sweaters are useful in lush bust?

In a big bosom, it is important to choose a sweater that does not additionally emphasizes the bust. Wrap sweaters or cardigans that you wear open and just fall, are better suited than cardigans with buttons that are closed just below or on the chest. Even a short bolero sweater may look good.

How do I combine a bolero sweater?

In summer is a bolero sweater perfect companion on an issued Sundress, e.g. A-line or empire style. It covers the shoulders and warms nicely on the upper body once a cool wind comes up. To blouse and skirt a bolero jacket also looks very good. Also to all XXL-tops (, such as a shirt on a pair of leggings, the bolero jacket is good, because this is where documents do not compete with each other in terms of their length.

Further information:

Materials: wool, cotton, cashmere, fine knitwear, chunky knit.

Colors and patterns: black, gray, beige, blend, green, blue, navy, red, with Norwegian pattern, hooded, cable knit, V-neck, button placket, zip.

Short Cardigans

Easy to combine and yet pleasantly warm in substance are cardigans welcome fashion partners during the cold season. See Record at Baur next s.Oliver short cardigans in various colors and sizes. The offerings range from perfume and models with typical placket through to variant with belt at the waist.

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