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News on LED Lights

The LEDs could take precedence over other technologies by 2014. today there are light-emitting diodes (LED) in many applications in everyday life: lighting leads with 35%, followed by mobile devices (30%) and signaling and signage (18%). How LEDs have they started … Continue reading

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Source of Black Light

You know certainly already! It gives the atmosphere in nightclubs or authenticates banknotes. This is usually a light source on which a filter is disposed which does not pass the closest ultraviolet visible. This so-called black light, these are ultraviolet. It is much used … Continue reading

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How to Choose Interior Lighting

The lighting is as much a matter of decoration than a necessity. Living-dining room, kitchen, office or bathroom… each piece needs a specific lighting. It is important to choose its interior lighting. Know what lighting to choose, to first ask a fundamental … Continue reading

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Sleep Better with Night Light

Light? Sound? When I was little was a night light a pretty sad thing that sat in the socket, usually in the hallway or the bathroom.”Hi-tech” meant that it might have an on / off button or that it shone only … Continue reading

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Car LED Bulb

Night driving, especially, is deemed far more accident-prone than day. Perceptions of the motorist is impaired. To avoid maximum danger, specific rules of conduct must be respected, the lighting of the vehicle part. Setting the car LED bulb The LED has the appearance … Continue reading

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All Light Bulbs For Home Lighting

In incandescent lamps air was pulled ??? This is done at the first lights, then unsuccessfully, because in vacuum filament begins to evaporate. This leads to darkening of the walls of the lamp. So in light bulbs put nitrogen !!! When fluorescent lamps … Continue reading

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What is Metal Halide Lighting

Metal -halogenni bulbs produce more light per watt than regular incandescent bulbs, but they use less energy and last ten times longer. This efficiency makes metal halide lamp lighting more attractive to consumers who want to positively affect the environment … Continue reading

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Commercial Lighting Trends 2016

The observation of nocturnal animals need to have lamps, more commonly called flashlight, powerful and functional. Following numerous requests for advice, I decided to write this long article to help you to clear brush it all. I hope you will see then clearer in … Continue reading

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Furniture and Lighting Design

Mater-in German, Mother-. Stands for exclusive furniture and lighting design, the social, environmental and ethical responsibility arises design, craftsmanship and ethics are the key words that the philosophy determine the Danish design brand. The interplay of these three units arise charming, sensual and durable … Continue reading

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David Trubridge Lighting Designer

Once again, we present you with our series “Designer Portraits of” a lighting designer before whose fixture designs are as unique as their designers themselves or put it another way. How would a British shipbuilder call, which sets at 10 … Continue reading

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Night Lighting Company

Northern Lighting Scheisse Scheisse by Northern Lighting represents in our Online Shop Lights Designer Lights, as they are in the book. Designers Hans Bleken Rud led the disciplines of art and industrial design for poetic design of the lamp to produce … Continue reading

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Northern Lighting Company Norway

In lamps online shop and store design place we present you currently newly arrived designer lamps that are this designation truly accessible. Northern Lighting is the manufacturer, whose lighting design was added in 2015 with full conviction for the first time … Continue reading

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Residential Lighting A Practical Guide

With the motto “Light of passion since 1966” chose the Bad Mündner light manufacturer Domus light a simple as memorable slogan, who wants to be more than a promotional phrase. Expressive design with the highest quality and all that, made ​​in Germany ‘! This … Continue reading

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Balcony Lighting Decorating Ideas

Will you also like to spend the dark and slightly cooler hours of the summer in the garden, on the patio or balcony, one needs not only a suitable light, but possibly also a source of heat. Open fire not only … Continue reading

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LED Lighting Definition Interior Design

Who says that the light in a room always seem from the ceiling on the table must? the world Surely you can also just turn around again and bring the table even glow. Flower pots, fill space with a discreet light or … Continue reading

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Home Lighting Ideas Interior Decorating

There are pieces of furniture, which can be integrated into almost every home, and always make there a good figure, no matter how the rest of the apartment furnishings. Such a case are designer lamps . These are in most cases very timeless and … Continue reading

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Narrow Hallway Lighting Ideas

Large entrance halls there are few if, one must often windowless give with tubular corridors or tiny planks, satisfied instead. A sophisticated lighting concept makes the small entrance but appear much larger. Wetzlar, 10.29.2014-The general lighting has in the hallway and … Continue reading

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Nursery Room Lighting Ideas

Working at the desk, relax in bed, gamble at the computer, playing on the floor: The children’s bedroom fulfills many desires-with different lights.Important is a good and uniform general lighting and additional light for individual requirements. Wetzlar, 01.14.2015-The children’s adventure … Continue reading

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Outdoor Lighting for The Garden

The garden is for most people is a place of tranquility and well-being. Here you can treat yourself moments away from everyday, barbecuing, reading a book or going gardening after. At best, it still has a swimming pool and can treat yourself … Continue reading

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Outdoor Recessed Concrete Lighting

As already reported more frequently in the blog here, I think the selection of suitable lighting equipment for the most difficult task in the home decor. And so I stand again before the phenomenon that, when setting up and designing of rooms, the … Continue reading

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LED Uplighter Floor Lamp with Dimmer

The constant demand in the showroom of Lighting design place online stores makes it clear: uplight are as floor lamps more popular than ever. When you think about it, it is not surprising. Many pendant lights that accompany the central lighting the room concept, … Continue reading

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Modern Pendant Lighting for Dining Room

In our Berlin showroom strikes us again and again that customers are looking for Designer lamps are uncertain when it comes to the light output of pendant lamps. Especially if they are to be found on dinner tables space, we are … Continue reading

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Energy Saving LED Night Light

The light colour of led bulbs is equal to incandescents? Not always. And in choosing a led bulb, the tone is one of the key points to consider. As for energy-saving lamps, even for those LEDs there are several shades of light, … Continue reading

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