What is P2P

The term p2p is an acronym – whose meaning is acronym pronounced as a Word and ending by the use by lexicalizar-peer-to-peer expression whose meaning in Spanish is peer-to-peer.

Definition of p2p

The definition of this concept is a computer network in which all or some properties operate without fixed servers and clients, but they are number of nodes with a behavior equal each other. From there its name network of peers.

This means that they act simultaneously as client and server with respect to the other nodes that have the network. This type of operation allows the direct exchange of information, in any format, including all the interconnected computers.

The particularity of this system can share and exchange information directly between two or more user has led to users to use this network to Exchange files whose content is subject to the laws of copyright, which has caused a great controversy in this system.


These peer-to-peer networks exploit, manage and optimize the use of the bandwidth of other users on the network through the connectivity between them, thus obtaining connections and data transfers with more performance than with conventional methods.

Not only it uses to share files or files of audio, video, software, but they are also used in VoIP telephony for faster data transfer.

But the history of such networks can be traced to 1960, it was only in 1999, when Napster, application to share music and files that was the beginning of this type of p2p networks as it is known today was introduced.

Among the features, there are

-robustness in case of failures in excessive replication of data to different destinations, consenting to the peers find information without making any request, no centralized server.

-scalability as it has a global reach with hundreds of millions of potential users. And considered that when more nodes are connected to a peer-to-peer network, its performance will be better.

-decentralization since all nodes are equal and none is indispensable for the functioning of the network.

-the anonymity of the author of the content, the editor, reader, server and request to find the material.

-the costs shared between users, or through donation of resources in Exchange for resources.

-security that is the area which is not yet very strong. But being implemented mechanisms such as the coded multiclave, the reputation, rights of copyright, etc.

Synonym of p2p

Network of peers, network peer, network between pairs or point to point network

Usage examples and phrases

“He was comparing different programs p2p to download which seem best to him and stayed with uTorrent”. Refers in this case to a program type.

“It is exchanging music files with another user over the p2p network”. Here, applies to the network of computers.

“How you want to participate in a network of encrypted virtual coins has due down the p2p program that give on the page of the currency elegidda”. In this example, used with the sense of networks of virtual currencies.

P2p program

It is he who swap files of this type. Among them are:

-uTorrent considered the number one for many Internet users. It is lightweight, powerful and fast with an excellent design. It gives detailed information of the file which has been downloaded or is being discharged.

-Ares is the most downloaded and preferred by millions of people. It has a large catalog and ease-of-use and also advanced features such as preview files before downloading them completely. It has a portable version and remotely download option. According to experts in peer-to-peer is the most complete program.

-Vuze considered the most elegant with excellent speed, power and design make it in favorite of many users. It has also a collection of plugins and extra services such as HD player or RSS reader.

-eMule was at the time a revolutionary program. Now much reduced their servers, is not very fast and was a bit outdated, according to experts. Even so it still has a large number of users who are actively sharing their files.

-Born of a Dutch University project, Tribler is an evolution of the BitTorrent protocol to reduce dependence to the trackers (servers which provide communication between different users node). It is simple to use and fast.

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