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Home Lighting Decoration

Decoration and accent lighting The steam of metal halide lamp of low power (20 to 150 W) is compact and its light is easily focus. If a luminous flux per unit is required, it is an effective alternative to the lamp incandescent and … Continue reading

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Types of Lamps

Local time of occupation extended As its name suggests, this type of local hosts occupants during a long enough to consider a choice of lamps that do not support too short operating times and frequent power on/off cycles.Indeed, they need … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Lamp

The color temperature of the lamp influence the impression of visual comfort of the eye. The EN 12464-1 standard leaves some discretion as to the choice of the color temperature of the lamps. The color of a fluorescent lamp temperature is indicated on the lamp or … Continue reading

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Everything About LED Lamp

The LED lamp or light-emitting diode is a product of the lighting technology has spread rapidly in the world in recent years. This new technology has quickly success on the sales market of lighting tools, thanks to its high performance. This product works in … Continue reading

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Advantages of LED Lighting

A. Economie of energy: The renewal of your existing by LED lighting down your consumption between 60% and 90%. Indeed, the energy of a conventional bulb and the LED is very different for the same final! Led bulbs practically not heat up … Continue reading

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Bathroom Lighting Design Guide

Enlighten Safely My Bathroom The bathroom is subject to specific safety requirements defined in the standard NF C 15-100 / A2. The latter, like many others, is constantly evolving. One thing is certain: it will not install any fixture in a bathroom … Continue reading

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LED Lighting Industry Trends

You have not yet updated? “Orange is the new black! Announced 8 Deco 2016 on it trends, a return to the 1970s is a must and with orange tones. To be trend, so you can opt for the orange hue without fear. Color that no … Continue reading

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LED Lighting for Outdoors

Summer is the season of outdoor dining and evenings with friends under the stars. To take full advantage of the good times, it is important to have LED lighting for outdoors that meets its needs. Small garden, balcony, pool… each space to … Continue reading

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Electric Bicycle Specifications

There is much talk about watts, volts, amps hours, watt-hours, battery capacity, reach  , etc., but what does it really mean? It is also important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the electric motor and the battery placement. Engine All electric bikes have … Continue reading

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History of Flashlight

The story of the origin of flashlights is interesting, by the nature and the richness of its actors. And the anecdotes that follow you will shine (!) In society without using a stroboscope. Your friends will thank you. More seriously, the historical … Continue reading

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Best Deal on LED Light Bulbs

Again and again one finds that LED bulbs on the Internet “super low prices” and even “free delivery” or 50% and even higher discounts offered. Especially companies that have an enormous Werbetat, allowing them to place in the search engine at … Continue reading

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All Light Bulbs For Home Lighting

In incandescent lamps air was pulled ??? This is done at the first lights, then unsuccessfully, because in vacuum filament begins to evaporate. This leads to darkening of the walls of the lamp. So in light bulbs put nitrogen !!! When fluorescent lamps … Continue reading

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Motorola Watch Phones

After having unveiled practically every detail the expected Motorola G4 motorcycle over the last few days, directly from the Google account + of HelloMoto HK, the new Moto X and DROID 2016 take shape while waiting for the official presentation. Like every year, between the … Continue reading

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Modern Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

The lighting in the bathroom can be divided into three sections: general lighting, mirror lighting and accent lighting. In the shower especially the general lighting and accent lighting is needed-the former to seeing and recognizingTo allow goods and to facilitate the … Continue reading

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How to Create Romantic Lighting

The creation of a romantic atmosphere created by light is a combination of many light sources. The most important rule here: Keep the lighting low, accents, intoxicated by details. Because no one wants to experience the romantic moments together in a flood … Continue reading

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Commercial Lighting Trends 2016

The observation of nocturnal animals need to have lamps, more commonly called flashlight, powerful and functional. Following numerous requests for advice, I decided to write this long article to help you to clear brush it all. I hope you will see then clearer in … Continue reading

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Homebase Bathroom Lighting Guide

Water and electricity to fit together well known not good. When choosing the right bathroom lighting there is therefore to consider some to avoid electrical accidents. Too often we rely here on the appropriate ceiling spots, which are installed the restroom our … Continue reading

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Types of Lighting Fixtures in Interior Design

To many new design lamps and lighting fixtures, the range of online shops design place has been extended. Some of these lights and new manufacturers in our portfolio, we introduced in the last few weeks and want you to give this … Continue reading

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Electricity Saving with LED Lights

In most households, factories and commercial premises are different lighting means. Many households light their premises even with conventional bulbs, but which are commercially not be available for long. Alternatives are energy saving lamps, halogen lamps and LED lamps.

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Outdoor Pathway Lighting Fixtures

Who does not know it!? It is evening on the road and not only annoyed that it is already dark, but also that you have not seen in the dark, that in the run newly planted beds at the edge of the garden path is. For … Continue reading

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LED Lighting Definition Interior Design

Who says that the light in a room always seem from the ceiling on the table must? the world Surely you can also just turn around again and bring the table even glow. Flower pots, fill space with a discreet light or … Continue reading

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LED Bathroom Lighting Design

In the bathroom, the lighting is particularly delicate. The light must be bright enough to recognize the subtleties when shaving or applying makeup can. At the same time you want to create a cozy atmosphere, so you can relax in the tub … Continue reading

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Energy Saving Office Lighting

Bright Light In Office Lighting Should Not Blind! Good office lighting has two important aspects of workplace ergonomics combine that seem to exclude from the outset: On one side of the office lighting is bright enough that colleagues can not only see … Continue reading

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Effects of Too Much Artificial Light

In autumn, the days grow shorter. Always before it snaps in the evening on the light. Not every light is but equally suitable. How many lights you need and what bulbs are better for our health: what experts advise. Most importantly, to meet with an … Continue reading

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Narrow Hallway Lighting Ideas

Large entrance halls there are few if, one must often windowless give with tubular corridors or tiny planks, satisfied instead. A sophisticated lighting concept makes the small entrance but appear much larger. Wetzlar, 10.29.2014-The general lighting has in the hallway and … Continue reading

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Nursery Room Lighting Ideas

Working at the desk, relax in bed, gamble at the computer, playing on the floor: The children’s bedroom fulfills many desires-with different lights.Important is a good and uniform general lighting and additional light for individual requirements. Wetzlar, 01.14.2015-The children’s adventure … Continue reading

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Seeker V303 Camera Drone

The Quadrocopter Seeker V303 of WLtoys a Really Successful Counterpart to The Phantom? The company WLtoys that mid wiele in Germany will be familiar to many, trying the Quadrocopter Seeker V303 to gain ground in the upmarket area. The successful and very modern … Continue reading

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LED Uplighter Floor Lamp with Dimmer

The constant demand in the showroom of Lighting design place online stores makes it clear: uplight are as floor lamps more popular than ever. When you think about it, it is not surprising. Many pendant lights that accompany the central lighting the room concept, … Continue reading

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