How to Clean Sleeping Bag for Camping

Surely you’ll be so much fun to go camping and using your sleeping bag: what you need to know though is that, as with many other items, including the sleeping bag should be washed, so they can sleep safely when using it. But we must say a small detail: the sleeping bag can be washed after each use, because maybe the dirt level is very low.

Should simply wash it when the sweat, the same dirt or other elements are present in large quantities in the sleeping bag and make little presentable. Only on this occasion therefore you better wash it so I can use it with ease, as it will be clean and fragrant.

There are several ways to clean your sleeping bag, so that it can be used again without risk to your hygiene. When the sleeping bag has an unpleasant smell, both lightweight and quite remarkable, simply put inside a medium sized bag of soda ash. This element should be placed inside the sleeping bag, which in turn will have to be closed in his bag. All this will allow the baking soda to eliminate bad smells, let this act for about a week, and you’ll notice with pleasure as your sleeping bag smells clean.

Avoid making a dry or full, and also to leave him out in the yard or in the open air. Proceeding in this way could damage the fabric of the sleeping bag (see details on, and therefore you would be prevented from using it, as the sleeping bag is damaged. If there are stains in my sleeping bag, wet a cloth with warm water and wipe it where the stains: doing so you can eliminate with great ease. If the stains persist, use a degreaser and proceed in the same way, or rubs the rag on the sleeping bag until you remove the stain.

And if the bag is very dirty and unusable? In this case you simply have to fill the tub with warm water and pour the detergent to wash wool products. Filled the tub, insert your sleeping bag and begins to wash by hand, soaping and eliminating the various stains of dirt all over his body. Once you have finished washing, squeeze the bag until you delete the soap and let it dry the sleeping bag, putting it in a place outside where there is too much wind.

In case you want to save time and effort, use the washing machine: always use the product for wool, and choose how to program that for delicate fabrics. Once the wash ends, you can dry the sleeping bag in the washing machine, or you can spread it out.

Keep in mind that it will take at least one week to allow the bag to dry it perfectly. So what are the various procedures you need to follow in order to perfectly wash your sleeping bag. It is good to remind you once again that, before you can choose the type of washing to do, check the dirt level in the sleeping bag, and then choose the method that you think most proper to wash it.

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