Apple Watch vs Smartwatches

Apple has taken a couple of years to launch the smart watch since the first rumors of it began to arrive. The new Apple Watch comes as it is usual in Cupertino, with a high level of detail and quality, but without fulfilling all the expectations.

Rather, partly logical, because we must bear in mind that so many months rumors have made the amount of speculation around this new intelligent Apple clock was immense. For example, we found that it is not able to make calls and independent Smartphone self-contained, and nor is a smart round clock. But against that that it must be said that he has a very careful design, and manufacturing quality that characterizes the brand.

Square design

Surprisingly, initially, that it finally square. When Apple confirmed the Apple Watch in the event which was held in TucsonSmartwatches, it wasn’t long until he could see the clock square on the big screen, and clear was the surprise of the public. However, the fact that is square is not that Apple has not made efforts to have a good design, but probably because the company has considered that really square clock is the best choice for a smartwatch. Now, the key is in the wide choice of materials that Apple has chosen. Three options will be: aluminum (Matt), stainless steel (bright), and 18 carat gold (gold and pink).

All this should add straps of high level that the company has released. There will be various models for the smart watch, and we can expect that higher level belts are also the most expensive. Although it is likely that the sports rubber are the lowest.

All this without forgetting the Sapphire Crystal, which is essential in all watches high end of the market, whether or not smart.

Crown digital

One of the protagonists of the Apple Watch is the new digital Crown, whose mechanism is very similar to the Crown of any conventional clock. The difference is that, while a conventional Crown serves to change the time, the digital Crown serves both to move on screen to modify the zoom on screen.

The company claims that this element is the arrival of a new paradigm, as did the selection of iPod Roulette, and the mouse that came with the Macintosh.

But without GPS heart rate monitor

What should be the characteristics of a smart watch to make this success? Well, it seems that, at the moment, none of the clocks has all the features, but some come some, and others have others. Apple Watch has a heart rate monitor which is the higher level of the market. Now, it does not GPS, which means that to monitor the sport routes we have to always wear the smartphone, which makes having the smart clock do not let us go without your Smartphone.


The additional problem to all this we find in the price. Its base price is 349 euros, although we expect that this will be the price for the cheapest version of the three, the so-called Apple Watch Sport, which would be of aluminium, without Sapphire Crystal, and with a rubber strap. More face should be the version Apple Watch, the conventional one, which would be of stainless steel, yes would have with Sapphire Crystal, and straps of a higher level. And we can expect that Apple Watch Edition version raye luxury. We know that the material of the clock will be gold of 18 carat, gold and pink, gold and straps will be the most luxurious of all. Does not seem to be the cheapest version, although Apple has not yet confirmed the price which will be the new watch in different ranges, except for the fact that the cheaper price will be 349 euros.

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