How to Clean Pillows

Clean the pillows once a month is very important since, although we cover them with a cover, dust mites and bacteria may be deposited inside.

Not know how you can clean your pillows to keep them free of germs throughout the year? Then pay attention to the homemade home tricks like this. It’s fantastic to wash polyester pillows.


Half cup ammonia

Steps to follow

1. Enter the pillows you wish to clean the inside of the washer.

2. Put the temperature at 30 degrees Celsius so the heat finish with mites and bacteria.

3. Before cleaning the pillows in the washing machine, add ammonia to the water.

4. The ammonia is very used in the household cleaning due to its power of disinfectant and that is able to remove more stubborn stains.

5. Once the cleaning is finished, dry your pillows in the air or in the interior of the dryer and now ready to be placed over your bed.

6. Put in practice this trick home once a month or once every 2 months to keep your pillows free of mites.

What do you think about the tricks of home to clean pillows with ammonia?

Do you know that??

When pillows or their cases are not cleaned regularly, the fat that accumulates on them can cause acne and Granites of installed in our face. If you take care of your pillows, you power your beauty!

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