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How to Widen Your Tight Shoes

You bought the shoes and you have found out later that are too tight: like them wider? E ‘can save them? Let’s try. When we see the shoes that we like a lot, especially if they are half the price and it … Continue reading

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How to Wash Your Shoes

Natural remedies to wash the suede shoes, running and faux leather. At the supermarket there are millions of specific products, but the shoes can be cleaned (well) even with some simple home remedies and all-natural. It seems that the state of … Continue reading

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Lace Up Sandals 2014

Lace-ups, a classic of the male wardrobe now also used by us women. The most chic models and must-have for this spring-summer 2014. For those who are looking for a cool look and the masculine style without sacrificing their femininity, footwear … Continue reading

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How to Wash Espadrilles Shoes

How to wash their espadrilles? These original canvas shoes of spain are comfortable but get dirty easily. Let’s see what are the remedies to clean your espadrilles.

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Winter Outfits with UGG Boots

Loved passionately or avoided like the plague, the Uggs are the most discussed trend of the cold months. In suede and inside in hot hair are perfect to address the harsh winter days, but their shape is far from fashion and then there are … Continue reading

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Boots for Dogs Paws

No, It’s not just a matter of fashion: the dog shoes can be useful for various reasons, wounds to the legs, too cold surfaces or other. see models of shoes for dogs, how to choose and prices. Are you worried about … Continue reading

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How to Choose Boots

Some people will never surrender, beyond the trends: we speak of the boot top, just above the knees. There are those who say that they are only for the very high: according to us, instead, choosing model and the right look , … Continue reading

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Top Best Looks in Sneakers Spotted on Pinterest

You have a pair of sneakers and you do not know how you dress? These looks in sneakers spotted on Pinterest will give you ideas.

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How to Buy Shoes Online

Private Firm, The Outlet Club With Many Discounts Made service:  yes, free of charge, within 14 or 30 days (dependent) Offers:  is based precisely on the offers. Strong point:  a few products at a time, but if you are careful you will find … Continue reading

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Favorite Bags & Shoes

How to wear rhinestones cover? Version working girl, you can wear a beautiful silk blouse with high-waisted pants and wedge shoes and a black pouch with Rhinestones. Evening version, you can opt for an outfit composed of a rather long black dress … Continue reading

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Colorful Spring Outfits

The editors of is pleased to present you a new editor, Valentina Bowl, blog Piusc2011, which will complement our head readattrice Irene. These days rain and snow accompanied us on a daily basis and the greyness of time has influenced … Continue reading

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What Shoes to Take on holiday

What shoes is best to bring on vacation? Meanwhile, a few. It then depends on the holiday. Here are our recommendations Ready to go? With the summer now coming many are preparing to holidays. It may be a month or just a weekend, but there … Continue reading

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How to Tie Your Shoes in Different Ways

Learn how to tie your shoes is something that is learned from childhood, when our parents, after years and years to annodarci shoelaces, decide it’s finally time for us to become independent, teaching us to make gestures that we repeat for the … Continue reading

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Tips for Wearing Heels

That wearing heels outbursts, is common knowledge. It is not that we, keel blocks women, we are the masochists who like to suffer in silence, and even with a smile on their lips, hand in hand with our boyfriend after dinner, … Continue reading

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Maintenance for Leather Boots

The boot of leather. This is probably one of the most versatile shoes that is. Personally, I have a pair that I wear fall in the spring, with a variety of different clothes. The market in town, 5 to 7, through a day … Continue reading

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Chiara Ferragni Shoes Superga

For fall-winter 2013-2014 The Blonde Salad, the most influential bloggers in Italy, creates a capsule collection with Piedmontese brand When the iconic sneaker Made in Italy meets the most beloved Italian fashion blogger and appreciated internationally, success can only be … Continue reading

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Hooves Costume Shoes

The 70-year wooden sandals back more irresistible than ever for the spring-summer 2014 In this spring-summer 2014 are back in vogue the beloved wooden clogs in the 70s: wooden footwear with a vamp that can be made ​​of leather or fabric. There are … Continue reading

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Dos and Don’ts Fashion Tips

Like every year trends for the current autumn / winter collection were shown on the catwalks of the world, which do not really seem made for the “normal” people at first glance. On red carpets in Hollywood productions or in large … Continue reading

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Types of Wedges Shoes

Some people find them just fine and they still always prefer heels, but despite this the wedges appear the same in all the summer collections and do not stop to get sympathy. Their purchase can be challenging, since it is of footwear you can … Continue reading

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My Cycling Shoes

Bike culture: I live in a body that is filled with bike memories. A craft through life, who constantly work on adaptation – always on the way to the next ride. The scar on the knee came to when I would … Continue reading

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Summer Running Shoes

I start this post by saying to all of you, stiletto addicted friends, you have to surrender. Yes, dear friends heel, we SURROUNDED! Literally surrounded by trainers: shop windows, street style, anywhere. They are everywhere. And the situation is out of control. Calm, let’s start from … Continue reading

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Pumps with High Heels

Please tell me that you guys are part of that category of women who get to volonte with heels. I know, I know, I know. It is not the top for safe driving, but the convenience is undeniable. True, there is always the option … Continue reading

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Boots for Autumn and winter

Winter comes and in our wardrobe can not miss the boots. Must-have for the season fall / winter 2014-2015 are those high over the knee difficult to wear only if you do not know the right secret! If your shoes are … Continue reading

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Colorful Football Boots

Football during the 2014 World Cup matches will be played in Brazil stands out. Football manufacturers have done their best to make eye-catching shoes and tie the celebrities having to play in the World Cup. They succeeded. The shoes are bright yellow, bright … Continue reading

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How to Wear Ankle Boots Properly

How To Wear Ankle Boots Correctly With the onset of winter begins again the time of the closed, warm shoes. So also the time of ankle boots. But what exactly are these ankle boots? Ankle boots are shoes, in which the shaft … Continue reading

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Trail Running Shoes

More and more runners find trail running: race on dirt tracks through nature, small events of elongated and sometimes even over long distances. Fast times are small, enjoy nature and your fellow trailers win the tough course is central. With the growth … Continue reading

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How to Match Gold Shoes

If to look fashionable and well on special occasions, we must match the shoes with a dress properly, it is important to get it right is to have a look distinctly that a certain style. However, for fashion choosing the right shoes can be difficult, even if … Continue reading

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Slipper Flip Flops for Women’s

The flat sandals in health ciabatta style are the trend Spring / Summer 2015which surprisingly has made ​​its way into all the fashion collections. Models of this type are the heart of the summer proposals of the luxury fashion house and designer label low … Continue reading

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