How to Wear Jeans


Every morning before going to school or when you go out with your friends, you open your closet to find the right clothes to wear; but, after trying so many beautiful clothes, the choice always falls on a piece of clothing: the jeans. When you wear them, you feel at ease and you would never part company with them, are always fashionable and in the market there are many colors and patterns to wear on many occasions: blue, black, white and many more, all to try. But accidentally your pants are ruined, or you just want to renew them to change a little to renew their appearance; here comes the great designs to beautify their jeans.

You can, first of all, give of scissors, lace, needle and thread, and if you own a sewing machine, or someone in your has one, this project is for you. Place the pants you want to cover, on a table, cut with scissors lace measuring it in the final round of the legs and with needle and thread baste on the reverse side. When you are done, pass them to the car, on the point of basting.

If you can not sew and no one is able to help, you can treat your jeans with bleach. This method is also used by production companies of this article, giving an image of aged tissue. Get a guy from the dark color and take care not to spoil your clothes you wear when you do the treatment, maybe wearing an old apron consumed and rubber gloves.

The bleach is a product which, if inhaled, may be toxic, so avoid breathing vapor, by placing in an open place or in a well ventilated room. With sticks cotton swab, or those used for the cleansing of the ears, you can make little drawings; Moisten their bit with the liquid above mentioned and punched jeans, forming small flowers or similar designs; you can also use a simple spray, or brighten a larger area, such as the knee or in the side of the buttocks. See songs and lyrics related to jeans on If you wish, you can paste the small colored or transparent rhinestones, the patches that plug placing the hot iron, with the small beads and many other accessories that your imagination suggests; with these methods, your favorite garment, will always be new and fashionable.

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