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Mens Tweed Dress Jacket

A tweed jacket can be called a truly unique and irreplaceable thing for him is a material made of natural wool, which allows you to keep warm and does not cause the body to sweat. An important aspect is the … Continue reading

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Where to Buy Comfy Leggings

Did you know that there are leggings for several hundred years? Originally, the tight-fitting garments were worn by men.They were at first mostly made of leather, before they were over time from materials such as cotton, produced. Today leggings are worn mainly … Continue reading

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How to Wear Ankle Boots Properly

How To Wear Ankle Boots Correctly With the onset of winter begins again the time of the closed, warm shoes. So also the time of ankle boots. But what exactly are these ankle boots? Ankle boots are shoes, in which the shaft … Continue reading

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Apple Watch is Approaching and More Strict Competition Begins

Only three weeks left until the time where in the Czech Republic officially begin selling Apple Watch smart watches. However competition is not sleeping and trying to innovate as it can. While computer manufacturers sniffed the possibilities offered by the … Continue reading

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The Most Beautiful Summer Dresses

The meteorological summer has so far unfortunately somewhat disappointed us. All the better that the fashionable summer out tears again because the current summer dresses  look even prima when gray clouds from! And make us good mood.

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How to Take Care of Shoes

A nice pair of shoes should accompany us at different times of our lives. Depending on the occasion we will use the type of footwear useful for your situation. It is essential and must treat them regularly in order to keep them clean and comfortable, … Continue reading

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Vintage Leather Leggings

They’re back! Something I would never wear? But! The 80s leather leggings are back in fashion! With the right combination, you can also avoid the hard rockers Bride Image-unless you legts important!

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All About The Leggings!

It’s nice that you’re here again. Today with me is all about the leggings , namely to this madness part leatherette. The absolute highlight is the biker look !Do you find it so beautiful?

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How to Wear A Blouse

What would be the best dirndl without the matching bottom Drunter? A well-fitting bra Dirndl, a chic blouse and the right socks are essential components of a coherent Wiesn look! So are you doing at this year’s Oktoberfest a wonderful figure, I have … Continue reading

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Types of Leggings Styles

Leopard Leggings Was the Leopard Leggings since the early nineties an absolute fashion no go, it may be all the rage when visiting a club or a party today. The color palette covers within which leggings with leopard patterns are offered … Continue reading

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How to Match Burgundy Shoes

The red color is a color returned to fashion in recent times. Thanks to chic air, gives an austere elegance to men and women. The shades include purple, ruby red and fuchsia. Wear it in winter is very fashion. Clothing not only affects pants, coats and dresses, accessories and makeup. How to … Continue reading

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The Leather leggings

Leather leggings The genuine leather leggings is the rarest form of leggings out there. The reason for this is, among other things their relatively high price compared with the other variants of the leggings, especially the direct counterpart, the leggings in … Continue reading

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Bloody Halloween Party Ideas

Did you organize your Halloween party? We can help with more fresh ideas. Bloody syringes Halloween Party You need: Syringes 50 m³ the number of your guests big and deep bowl (tureen, spherical aquarium) adhesive foil – color (orange and … Continue reading

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Tips for Hand Luggage

The carry-on is an indispensable accessory for every traveler and offers many benefits, especially to those who travel by plane. Have a carry-on lets you keep at hand the most useful objects even during long flights, while shorter trips, made using low cost airlines charge … Continue reading

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Roco Verre Cubic Pendulum Wall Clock

Inspired by current trends, this new range of wall clocks from Roco Verre combines two styles; modern and retro style. In the center of the design there is the classic French style figures that are large enough for readability and are characterized by … Continue reading

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Perfect Makeup In 10 Products

The New Year’s Eve the watchword is: sparkle like a star! Here are 10 products for a flawless makeup and effects, word of UnaDonna. New Year: the most scintillating night of the year is approaching and we can not arrive unprepared! … Continue reading

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How to Wear Lace Up Shoes

Many fashion houses, over the past winter and spring launches, they chose the lace- like “must have” of the moment. There are those referred to as “Oxford”, which are characterized by the seam underneath the upper and are graced with small holes, stitching … Continue reading

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How to Wear a Crochet Skirt

The skirts are pieces that are present in the wardrobe of almost every woman in different sizes, designs and fabrics. The crocheted skirts, in turn, are gaining more and more adepts and are great options for those who want to create … Continue reading

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Women’s Plus Size Dance Pants

Who ever used dancer pants? Most women in high school had the dancer pants as part of the school uniform. This kind of pants is extremely comfortable and can be used on several occasions from the academy to a simple trip to the supermarket. Traditionally this … Continue reading

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