Asu Cast One Smartwatch

The Chinese smartwatch integrates a pico laser projector capable of projecting notifications, messages, images and videos on hand and any flat surface

The smartwatch, as big, tend to have displays of very small size compared to other types of device. And since one of the main input mechanisms consist of the touchscreen, this can be a problem. The idea to create smartwatch with display size of 3 inches or more is almost grotesque, but it must be said also that, more often, the canonical dimension of 1.5 inches just is not enough.

The Chinese company Asu adopted an alternative approach, integrating a pico projector within its smartwatch. The device is called Asu Cast One (or Asu Cast 1 ), and is one smartwatch based on Android and fitted with a tiny laser projector that can project images on any flat surface (or almost). The idea is to use the surface of the smartwatch as a touch tablet for the management of a screen that, virtually, can cover the back of one hand but also a whole wall by more than 60 inches.

And the idea of having a 60-inch display on your wrist is already in its extremely fascinating. Asu Cast 1 is not new: the Chinese device was already presented in January during CES 2016: the novelty is that now you can order the smartwatch in China, where the expected retail price of about 2,980 yuan (just over 400 Euros ).

Asus Cast 1 mounts a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, supported by768 MB of RAM, 4GB of storage and a battery of 740mAh (far superior to the average smartwatch, but remember that the projector will be starved of energy). The touch screen display with multitouch support is sapphire crystal; it has pledged support for connectivity WiFi and Bluetooth. The whole package is run by Android 5.1.

As regards the real projector, it speaks of a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels with brightness of 15 lumens, although to be of Asu brightness would be equal to that of a DLP projector 100 lumens. Plus the ability to project images and video, Asu Cast One will allow you to project on their hands messages and notifications. The size and weight are only slightly superior to standard smartwatch: a great job, if you think that inside, in a few cubic centimeters, is crammed a fully functional laser projector.

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