InLine USB Power Bank: Spare Battery with Integrated LED Flashlight

If you are traveling and your smartphone thanks to battery shortage refuses to work, then it is convenient to have an extra battery case. If this battery also something else can, as the mobile phone to be supplied with electricity, then that is twice as practical.

That is when inLine USB Power Bank, which dates back to the home of Intos Electronic AG, the case: First, it invites your device, if necessary. On the other hand brings the mobile charger light into darkness, because behind the battery also hides even an LED flashlight defined from In a relatively simple packaging, no frills the spare battery of inLine’s because what initially but making him look pretty unimpressive. First impression: In terms of packaging is something else. But packaging is important or not what is behind it.

After opening a 15 centimeter long cylinder is made ​​of stainless steel to the fore. At one end of a hand strap is attached and on the Oberläche the manufacturer’s name was printed. To take the LED flashlight into operation, there is a clearly visible button. Press this once, the flashlight will be turned on. In the second switching activate the second, less intense, brightness level. Red starts to flash the torch when you turn it three times in quick succession. With this feature you can make others, in case of breakdown, attention. The LED flashlight boasts 160 lumens and is perfectly suited for everyday use.

This allows you to charge your smartphone, camera or tablet, you need to open the case at the end of the cylinder. An arrow and the lettering open you suggest. Under the cover you will find then a USB A socket to connect the spare battery with your smartphone. Also, a micro-USB connector is present. With this, connect the battery to a power source to charge it. The matching cable to is included.

Inside the USB inLine spare battery a Lio-ion battery is hidden with a capacity of 3000 mAh. According to the manufacturer, you can start with this spare battery for more than 500 cycles. If you do not use the USB Power Bank longer, which is according to the manufacturer’s also not a problem since the discharge protection ensures that the battery remains operational. Up to 3 years it should be possible to have the spare battery on standby. To test how much power is in the spare battery, we have a completely unloaded Huawei Ascend G525 is connected to the battery. Fully charged was the device, its battery has a capacity of 1700 mAh, after 3 hours.

You have a fully charged spare battery case, you must load these about six hours. For your talk time that means an extension of the talk time by up to seven hours. This is of course depending on which smartphone you use and how intensively you use this.

The spare battery, you get from just under 40 euro, among other things on our site, also comes with a USB cable, a clear instruction manual and a bag of black velvet with. This allows battery cable and keep together.

Android users giving away two inLine USB Power Banks. All you need to do in order to win one of the auxiliary battery can be, the following question on our competition page to answer:

The editors tested the inLine USB Power Bank. What is the capacity of the additional battery? Enter the correct number to our competition page and with some luck we drag as the winner or winners.

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