Best Modern Wall Clocks

For better or for worse, most of us live conditioned by the hour, by the passage of time. You have a clock handy is therefore almost something fundamental in our day to day. Today we bring you some interesting tips to decorate your home with modern wall clocks. Different models to create tick tock coup.

In modern life that we it seems unthinkable to not have a watch closely that indicates us the way. We like to know the time which is at every moment. We need to be aware of how time passes to fit our daily chores. The downside of all this is that, in general, always walk with haste. But not everything is bad, because we can also find in this circumstance a good decorative resources: here are 10 types of modern clock to animate the walls of your house.

Modern, minimalist, with a vintage touch and made of different materials. So are wall clocks that teach you today. Any of them will serve to put a different note in any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom, passing by the Studio or why not? the room.

Garnish with modern wall clocks

Wall clocks are not a thing of today. They have accompanied man throughout history almost since it emerged the concern of accounting time. The first wall clocks were Sun and then the water and the sand. Until the end of the 13th century did not appear the first mechanical clocks. At that time, its size was huge, so big they only were installed in the Tower of cathedrals and churches. This is a kind of vintage decor.

Over time they were developing, and already at the beginning of the 17TH century there were mechanical clocks more accurate and small. Around this time began to be wall of household clocks. The case is that the evolution of clocks throughout history has traveled a path full of ideas, changes, inventions and mechanical and technological improvements.

Today wall clocks no longer have nothing to do with the classical models that they come to head at first. The market is full of ideas, models made in different materials and with different styles so that everyone can find our perfect wall clock, that we love to watch.

Wood, a perfect material

We have already spoken on many occasions of the benefits of wood as a decorative material. And it is that, without a doubt, it meets all the qualities to succeed. It is natural, warm, beautiful and fits wonderfully all the decorative styles and environments. Why choose a wooden wall clock is a great idea if you want to decorate your walls in a different way.

Modern wall clocks made of wood share a kind of simplicity that is precisely what makes them special. They do not need to be very decorated, you do not need. The simple grain appearance of wood already gives these watches with a great personality.

There is a wide range of wood types to choose from. If you want to make it stand out, bet by one of dark wood, as of Wenge.

And if yours are clear and bright, decorated with a Nordic touch, get a watch of light wood and hang it on one of your walls.

A good idea is to opt for a model combined with metal.

Or bet on a model made of wood but with a completely contemporary design as of this clock of ribbons of colors.

Whatever it is, with any of these watches can bring to your home a plus of naturalness and style.

Stone, pure decorative power wall clocks

Although there are many materials and styles that are chosen for modern wall clocks, the truth is that the stone is somewhat surprising and equally great. And if not, take a look at these wall clocks in marble.

In white, black or green marble, are of an incredible elegance, just be decorated.

In any of them the beauty of the natural stone speaks for itself. What you like most? The truth is that it is hard to decide…

The metal, a very modern option

We can not speak of metal wall clocks. They are combined or not with other materials, are a classic. The styles can be very different. There are retro with special atmospheres vintage, etching metal, industrial, or very modern style and with minimalist spirit.

Choose your favorite is matter of taste, but the decision won’t you easy. Bet by which you been in love since the beginning and contemplates as they spend hours on it.

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