Chanel the Little Black Jacket Exhibition

Karl Lagerfeld gives life to a world exhibition to commemorate the classic jacket designed by Coco, shooting a film about the early years dressmaker Chanel and now … the novelty of August!
The March 24, 2012 as part of Tokyo “The little black jacket” . The exhibition consists of 113 black and white depicting actors, designers, singers, models, dancers, musicians, writers who wear precisely “The little black jacket” realized for the first time by Gabrielle Chanel in 1954. The images of mens motorcycle jackets, taken by mensjacketsstore in collaboration with Carine Roitfeld (former editor of Vogue Paris), go around the world; the show just started in Tokyo goes through New York, Taipei, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, Sidney arrives in Paris of course and then move on to Berlin, Seoul and in ‘April 2013 make a stop in our Milan, the latest capital were Dubai, Beijing and the exhibition has just concluded in Shanghai on 14 July.

The work of Karl Lagerfeld, chief executive of the designers of the Maison Chanel
and Fendi creative director, does not end here, in fact, to celebrate the 100 years of the Maison Chanel runs a short film that recalls the years to anchor young girl Deauville, Gabrielle “Once upon a time” it is presented at a major parade on May 8, 2013, and goes around the web.

Protagonist and Coco interpreter is Keira Knightley, of the fragrance “Coco Mademoiselle” from 2011 “.

But the House does not stop and to celebrate once again the one who has built an empire of elegance giving strength to women under new points of view (just think of the shorter skirts, the multi-purpose little black dress, the tweed suit), it is launched in August (the month of the lion) line diamond “Sous le signe du Lion.” Coco fact was born August 19, 1883, fell in love more of the Lion of San Marco, during a stay in Venice, who became his source of inspiration.

Today, the collection consists of 58 pieces: medallions, rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces priceless watches, opulent but always in the style of the first jewelry created by Mademoiselle.

The story goes that the designer felt funny and vulgar ornament himself with real jewels, probably seemed strange given his humble origins, proved perhaps too much to showcase its opulent possessions that you think should have remained in the safe.

What will be changed?

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