Balconette Bra: Definition, History and Advantages

It’s one of the sexiest models of support that you can find in the market and one of the unquestionable basics the lingerie. Know a little more about the history, the main features and the many advantages of the BRA style balconette or “balcony” below.

A bra balconette style is…

Simply one more sexy you’ll find styles and this is due to the appearance that gives your cleavage.

Support of this style is very far coverage which gives the full cup bra, or also the of Demi Cup. If we talk about this bra in its purest design, you know that the short Cup horizontally breasts in half, exposing the upper portion of the bust, including part of the areola. Bold, right? The truth is that with the passing of the years the design evolved and nowadays you can find different designs of the same model where is covered a little more (though not too much according to Bridgat).

It is clear that, having so little restraint in the treetops, the breasts stand has to be by another place. The band plays an extremely important role in this support. You will notice that a proper balconette bra has a wide and elastic band that will take over support of the chest, as well as rings in the cups – also you can find some models with whales – and, in the majority of cases, seams in the cups that will reinforce the support.

The straps of the BRA balconette are more separated from the other than on other models of support. From the professional guide, we can know this is because the separate straps to leave “released” neck and much of the shoulders, making this a style ideal for wearing sexy outfits without which nothing can be seen.

A bit of history

The first designs of the modern era balconette were recorded in the United States at the end of the Decade of the 30, although this support model was used around the world much earlier. The design refers to the first corsets, clothes that were responsible for modeling the torso of the woman as the silhouette star of the time, but always sought to highlight the bust of the ladies. In the Decade of the 50s, Marilyn Monroe was responsible for popularizing the style to shape it. More Needless to say, it became an immediate success.

As for the name, it is said that these bras were baptized as balconette or “balcony” referring to men looked to the women sitting in the seats of the Theatre from the balcony of the top floor, clearly seeing the neckline but never sighted the BRA. On the other hand, some people claim was given the name of balconette for the way in which its design puts on exhibition the woman’s breast.

The advantages of using a balconette bra

The balconette bra is one of the favorite styles of women for several reasons.

Due to its versatility –the balconette bra is really versatile. Open and clear design allows to use it under a variety of clothing styles and various forms of cleavage. Looks mas-claro is – to use it under tops or steep and wide neckline dresses since there is nothing in sight (the cups of her penda their straps) and the breasts look really attractive under the garment.

As creator of the “perfect cleavage” – many define the perfect cleavage as the one in which the bust is high, filling and well formed. If you are looking for these three secure features you can find them using a bra style balcony. The strong bottom bracket given by the wide band and stitched tops and the low design Cup make that breasts are pushed upward, creating the illusion of a cleavage without opponents and devastatingly sexy.

Increases the size of the bust – the way in which this bra lifts breasts coupled with pads containing many of these Bras made to create the illusion of a bust more filling and rounded.

Variety – to become one of the most desirable models, designers They have been commissioned put at our fingertips a variety of colors, designs, sizes and genders, making it possible to find a bra style balcony for use with almost any outfit, including a wedding dress.


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